Coyotes help capture a fugitive

An Iowa fugitive on the run calls the police for help after he and another were chased by a pack of coyotes.
On Oct. 20, 2014, Daniel Rice, 21, escaped after being transported from the Mascatine County Jail to a local hospital for medical treatment related to his heart. Even though he was cuffed to a hospital bed, Rice was somehow able to slip out of the cuffs and took off, wearing only a hospital gown.

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3 Responses to Coyotes help capture a fugitive

  1. Frank says:

    Nature – it ain’t all Bambi and Thumper….

  2. ryk says:

    It is MUSCATINE Co. Only one A in there. LOL (I know it was the link source that screwed it up.)
    I am CLOSE by- familiar with the property…
    I find it TOTALLY hard to believe TWO people were being attacked by coyotes at Loud Thunder. OMG- ROFL–BAHAHA!!!
    MOre Like~ STOOPID Criminal city boy FREAKED/Tweaked out by the ‘wild hunt’ sounding off of some running by.
    Coyotes DO that ya know… A couple will sound like a HERD~ yipyippingbarkinghowling making a racket stating “there’s some strangers in the neighborhood!”~
    YaY for dumb ass turning himself in. Maybe Hope he learned a couple things. (like running is beyond dumb…etcetc) Meh.

  3. Westcoastdeplorable says:

    He looks like one of them snowflakes

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