Democrats have a big Tom Steyer problem

Tom Steyer, the fanatic Trump-hating San Francisco billionaire who has been a generous Democrat donor, is boxing in the party as it attempts to pull off a normal midterm strengthening of the opposition party’s congressional representation. The much touted blue wave already is running into a shrinking Dem advantage in the generic congressional ballot, and the gray-haired leaders of the party realize that promising impeachment should the party gain a House majority is turning off middle-of-the-road voters who are enjoying the economic prosperity that has accompanied President Donald Trump’s tax and regulatory reforms.

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One Response to Democrats have a big Tom Steyer problem

  1. anonymous says:

    Yes, all the Dems can talk about is ‘Never Trump’ – ‘Trump Hitler’ – ‘Hillary was Robbed !’. Nothing about what their ideas to run the government differently. I hope between now and November elections, voters will be shown the differences in governing style between the old and new.

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