Dick’s is being an asshole

When Dick’s Sporting Goods said it would no longer sell modern sporting rifles at its Field & Stream stores following the Valentine’s Day shooting at a Parkland, Fla., high school, one question was what would happen to the unsold firearms in its inventory.

Typically a retailer may return unsold merchandise to the manufacturer. But in this case, Dick’s Sporting Goods has decided to destroy them.

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20 Responses to Dick’s is being an asshole

  1. Unclezip says:

    I haven’t shopped with them since they jumped on the shitwagon after Sandy Hoax.

  2. Bill N. says:

    As someone else pointed out to me this is the best thing they could do for gun owners. It hurts Dick’s bottom line who bought the rifles but while not make a profit or even recover their cost while helping manufacturers bottom line who will have to make more for those that want to buy them. Thank you dumbshits at Dicks.

  3. C.R. says:

    I hope the share holders all give the management all kinds of hell for throwing away all that cash .

  4. stupid!@luis says:

    Going Out of Business signs going up soon.

  5. Alemaster says:

    Wonder how many of those “destroyed” MSRs will find their way into the home defense plans of Dick’s executives and those connected to Dick’s senior employees? regards, Alemaster

  6. somedude says:

    I wounder if they have an open credit line with B of A. in failing brick and mortar retail market, i bet they borrow/draw/ obtain short term loans just operating cost to keep the doors open.

  7. millerized says:

    Little birdie tells me that they couldn’t even return them to the manufacturer…manu’s told them to pound sand when they asked. Not sure if little birdie was pulling my wing or not, but…
    Damaged merchandise can be claimed as a 100% write off, IIRC unsold can’t be much more than depreciation.

  8. crazyeighter says:

    Hey Dick’s! Make sure you saw the barrels off first, and have a rep from the ATF there to witness it.

    And like Bill N. said, if someone insists on doing something stupid with their own money, I’m not going to stop them.

  9. pigpen51 says:

    We have a Dick’s in in the mall and also a Dunham’s. I tried them both when the mall first opened, about 20 years ago. I never did like Dick’s. The prices always seemed higher, and the selection not as good. Plus, they also seemed to cater to the yuppie crowd, not to real sportsmen and women. Dunham’s here in my town, at least, has employees that are knowledgeable, and even the young girls that they hire in either are already up to speed, or fast learners. Because they are always helpful, and don’t seem to act like they are out of their element.

  10. Pat says:

    I was at Golf Galaxy ready to pick up a new set of clubs when I learned they were the same company as Dick’s. canceled the sale on the spot and never going back.

    • samoore says:

      Golfsmith is part of Dick’s, too.

      Bought new irons last year. Went to the Taylormade site, and got 4I – LW (10 clubs), with the graphite shafts I wanted, the grips I wanted, and free shipping, for less than Dick’s was asking for 6 clubs in steel.

      Dick’s can eat dicks.

  11. Michael says:

    A better headline might be “living up to their name”.
    Thanks for all you do, Ken. I am guaranteed at least one smile every day

  12. Critter says:

    If they had paid for the merchandise then it’s their right to grind the guns up. Stupid, but perfectly ok.

  13. Stretch says:

    Smarter Half and I drove by a Dick’s Saturday afternoon. Parking lot was not empty but very lightly sprinkled with cars.

  14. rebar says:

    This is just a highly questionable accounting trick. They destroy $10 million in merchandise they can’t/won’t sell and turn around and sell the parts for $8 million. They then reduce their tax liability by $7 million under casualty and theft losses. IRS looks the other way because they love civilian disarmament too. Shady bastards. Funny thing is though those parts will be sold to the public eventually and most of the parts will be built into untraceable rifles. Sort of like gun buy backs….but that is another story.

  15. Jack Crabb says:

    Dick’s doubling down on stupid. Good. Fuck Dick’s sideways with a rusty chainsaw.

  16. Djamer says:

    Down with Dick’s! Done with Dick’s! hehehee

  17. Bacon says:

    Just looked over their financials. Unfortunately, this move isn’t likely to hurt them at all. They keep surprisingly low inventories and regularly write off large percentages of it. So even if they take a complete loss, it will hardly cause a blip on their results. Also, the way they are structured, they are unlikely to face much pressure.

    Too bad. They deserve to suffer but they probably won’t.

  18. UH1H CE says:

    Sports Authority used to be a fantastic store. When they first opened in my neighborhood they had Desert Eagles in .44 & .50 and tons of other cool guns. I bought a Beretta 96 and later got other shotguns and rifles from them.

    Then they got bit by the PC bug and you couldn’t even get a hunting license there anymore. They went “all ball”. Now find one. They went the way of K-mart, Sears, and everyone else who decided that outdoors-men’s money wasn’t good enough

    • Wirecutter says:

      I used to buy my dehydrated foods there because they had a great selection, but their prices just kept climbing and climbing so I went elsewhere.

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