Easing prison overcrowding

BISHOPVILLE, SC – Seven inmates were killed during fights that lasted more than seven hours at a South Carolina prison Sunday night and into Monday morning, according to officials.

At least six emergency agencies responded to a “mass casualty incident” at Lee Correctional Institution in Lee County that resulted in the seven inmate deaths and 17 other inmates requiring medical attention, the S.C. Department of Corrections announced early Monday morning.

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11 Responses to Easing prison overcrowding

  1. James says:

    Sad to say Marine/actor/tv show host R.Lee Remey has died,RIP Sargent!

  2. Chish says:

    “Mass casualty incident”. Sounds like a phrase from Big Sis Napolitano’s “Man caused disaster” playbook. It’s a f*cking RIOT caused by CONVICTED FELONS.

  3. Heathen says:

    My money’s on Brown on Black gangs settling business.

  4. Jerry says:

    Looking at the California prison population report, average filled to 134%. What that means as a powder keg is anyone’s guess.

    • Andrew says:

      Get rid of everyone who has no chance of parole before they die, and those on death row. That should free a prison all by itself.

  5. bogsidebunny says:

    Prisons are dangerous..7 Human beings die violently..Ban prisons. Where the fuck is David Hogg now?

  6. OhioDude says:

    love the headline …. guess you giveashit about PC, snowflakes, gentle speech etc

  7. C.R. says:

    Prison murder sounds bad, lets call it “non volantery euthanasia ” that sounds better , chimp out in cell block #9 !!

  8. Djamer says:


  9. realspark21 says:

    I would have tested my state police’s rifle loads on live targets til they surrendered.

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