Go get ’em, Laura

During the broadcast of her nationally syndicated radio program Monday, Fox News host Laura Ingraham tore into every company that abandoned her TV show because of intimidation and pressure from the Nazi-like left.

Led by Stoneman Douglas High School brown shirt David Hogg, the left successfully used boycotts to force over a dozen companies to stop advertising on the host’s Fox News program, “The Ingraham File,” because she had dared to criticize the punk loner.

“They will not stop until they drive you all into submission, and you’re too either shortsighted or, frankly, stupid to see it,” Ingraham said Monday.

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7 Responses to Go get ’em, Laura

  1. Locked and Loaded says:

    Laura rocks! Too bad that pussy boi does not have the balls to go on her show for a debate!

  2. Skip says:

    If you read the comments all over the net, there sure are a lot of folks just below the ass kickin’ point. This will get interesting, soon. Armed people can only take so much and they will go huntin’.

  3. Nemo says:

    There should be more like her, calling out the assfuckery of the left.

    Heard the latest on Hogg? He’s publishing a book! Due out June 7th.

  4. anonymous says:

    Good on her and glad to hear some advertisers have the courage to stay with her show.

    “Heard the latest on Hogg? He’s publishing a book! Due out June 7th.” – Nemo

    Quite a coincedence, dude is clearlyl making a run for Soros funding, he is attempting to climb the Progressive Train early. May a nest of fire ants find a home in his colon …

  5. Jack Crabb says:

    I quit respecting her the second she apologized. She showed she would not stand up for her principles.

    I posted in another thread that I refuse to go to Bearing Arms because Bob Owens outed himself as a copsucking statist.

    Add Ingraham to the list of frauds that I shun.

  6. Steve from Oz says:

    Good article, for which I thank you.

    Gotta love, Laura. Feisty as all heck and with the IQ, education and experience to back it all up. A rare and sexy combination.

    One small quibble: Boss Hogg-let and his army of idiots didn’t really “force” her advertisers to desert her.The advertisers could have stood up for free speech and shown some loyalty had they wanted to. They abandoned her because they are gutless – not because they had no choice.

    PS. Talking of “loyalty” has me remembering the thing I liked most about the ailing George HW Bush. He was on the record as saying that the quality he admired in a man above all others was loyalty. So wise.

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