Good, I’m glad.

Nelson Mandela’s former wife Nomzamo Winifred Madikizela has died aged 81, her personal assistant has confirmed.

Winnie died in a Johannesburg hospital surrounded by her loved ones, Zodwa Zwane said.


If you click on the link, be warned they make her sound like a kind, benevolent leader and influence who did great things. It doesn’t mention a thing about her famous quote “With our boxes of matches and our necklaces we shall liberate this country”.
If you’re not sure what she meant, go HERE.


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21 Responses to Good, I’m glad.

  1. pigpen51 says:

    I remember her and her ANC necklaces. She and Nelson were not all the great humanitarians the left made them out to be

  2. Exile1981 says:

    Evil old hag is burning in hell. There is a special place in hell for those who murder, rob and torture there fellow man.

  3. Padawan says:

    And the world wants me to let it know when I give a fat rat’s ass?

  4. Sanders says:

    Hell just got a little warmer….

  5. bogsidebunny says:

    She was a typical white-hating asshole who died 81 years too late.

    • Andrew says:

      White hating? She and her thugs killed more blacks than whites.

      The only thing she loved was power.

  6. Unclezip says:

    One more dead commie. The week is looking up.

  7. Odgreen says:

    Yay!! hurray!! The only good commies are dead commies!! What joyous news!! I’m going to take the Green family out to the Texas Roadhouse tonight for a celebratory steak dinner!!

  8. Bubba says:

    Hopefully she is butt raped by Beelzebub for eternity.

  9. Chish says:

    Is it too early to start drinking in celebration?

  10. Frans Smit says:

    Not a tear will be shed here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Bobo the Hobo says:


  12. Cpl/Major Mike says:

    Finally, something good in the news.

  13. Tom says:

    Nelson gets out of prison and gets divorced………..thats how bad she was

  14. Spiro says:

    Burn bitch. Now waiting for someone to get rid of julius Malema

  15. nwoldude says:

    Forget Winnie. What about Hillie.

  16. The Rat Fink says:

    This is what Revrum Wright’s “God-Damn America”, jug-eared, purple-lipped, incompetent, Gay-obsessed, sheet-grabbing, pillow-biting, Radical, Communist-Organizing Øbamboozler respected!

  17. snuffy says:

    My take is, why should I care what one african does to another? I don’t care how many africans kill another african in the US. Why should I care when it’s done on the other side of the world? I think that, until the kaffirs came to rule, if an african killed a White, there was hell to pay. Now, they practically get a medal. WTF did the Boers think was going to happen?

  18. Jimmy Torpedo says:

    I am surprised Mr. Wirecutter. You didn’t mention that they tied the tire on with barbed wire.
    If you saw the pictures you could probably tell us what type of wire it was.
    Frickin’ animals. Poor Boers.

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