Hard Times Ahead For Gun Owners And Ammunition Buyers

I am neither a prophet nor son of a prophet (2 Kings 2:3). If I’m wrong, no one stands to lose anything. But if I’m right, we might all be headed for rough times ahead.

There is such a proliferation of gun control and ammunition control articles, commentaries, editorials and laws that it would be impossible to mention them all, let along discuss them. Boulder has just announced a new assault weapons ban. The LA Times advocates ammunition regulation, Smith & Wesson will soon be under pressure from its parent company, Black Rock Investment is pimping gun free investments, a recent challenge to the Massachusetts assault weapons ban has fallen, bump stocks will soon be illegal, the Las Vegas Sun is publishing letters advocating the confiscation of ammunition, and the News Tribune published a reader who wants to tax ammunition more heavily.

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13 Responses to Hard Times Ahead For Gun Owners And Ammunition Buyers

  1. Rob says:

    It’s a huge propaganda campaign and the words “shall not be infringed” are already ignored by all the courts.

  2. Ace Frehley says:

    The future belongs to those who show up.. When was the last pro gun march you went to? Member of the NRA or GOA? Written any letters to your elected officials? Boycott any antigun companies / organizations?

    • lineman says:

      Amen on that… Also who here is still paying taxes and fees to local and state governments who are communist and want to destroy and kill everything you stand for?

  3. Mike G. says:

    It’s a democratic 2018 election push, and the Supreme Court won’t overturn its Heller decision before 2 conservative justices are replaced by 2 libs. That’ll be a long time after we’ve had our civil war II go hot. Calm down and keep stocking up.

  4. Jason says:

    From a “single function” of the trigger to merely a “single pull”.

    The groundwork for a Backdoor Ban on Semi-Auto Firearms and any trigger accessories is coming thru the proposed BATFE Bumpstock ban.

    This decision ” will not ” and “does not” limit itself to just “bump stocks” it completely redefines what is ” Readily Convertible into a machine gun “


    go comment, only 77 days left

  5. lineman says:

    Oh also in that regard does anyone reload around here and want a good deal on primed brass and bullets?

  6. anonymous says:

    I never realized there were so many fans of Donald J. Trump.


    If the citizens firearms and ammunition were to be removed from their possession as the measures above, who is given the reins of power. ? Donald J. Trump, Chief Executive of the United States, Commander in Chief of all our military forces and law enforcement agencies.

    We should point this out to the Progressives – this might give some of them pause. Scare the hell out of them, just as much as having HRC as our President. would scare us.

    That is the purpose of 2nd Amendment – if the Executive Branch gets a little crazy with power, the People have the final say. Or at least a strong opinion on the matter.

  7. Rebar says:

    Guns are nice and all but IED’s are they key to maintaining our freedoms. Knowing how to create ammonium nitrate will be a valuable skill.

  8. Rebar says:

    We can’t compromise. We need to be demanding the repeal of NFA. Make them compromise.

  9. Gryphon says:

    One of the central principles of the (((bolshevik’s))) Manifesto is Control of Language, Re-Defining Words to have them ‘Mean’ Just what They Say they Mean… Once Words and Language are Corrupted, they become Weapons to be used against Normal People. Several (so far, more later) of the ‘federal judges’ have claimed that the Second Amendment “Does Not Include Military Weapons” in Direct Contradiction of what it Plainly Says.

    The whole “Shall Not Be Infringed” part of the Sentence has to be Completely Ignored, or else its Plain and Explicit Meaning would (In fact Does) mandate that ANY and ALL ‘gun laws’ are Non-Constitutional, therefore Null and Void.

    • Bacon says:

      Another otherwise worthy comment ruined by capitalization games and those moronic triple parentheses, Gryphon. Makes what you were ‘trying’ to say nearly unreadable. Damn shame to waste a good point that way.

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