I know y’all were just dying to find out how to make the world a safer place…..

You may have heard that Dick’s Sporting Goods has bowed to pressure from idiotic teenagers and will no longer sell “assault rifles.” Instead of returning existing inventory to the manufacturers, Dick’s has decided to destroy all the the AR-15s they have in stock because they really don’t want anyone who cares about the 2nd Amendment to ever shop in their stores again. Rolling Stone magazine thinks this is an awesome ideas and since they no longer cover music but rather lefty politics, they’ve provided a handy dandy guide for people at home to destroy their own AR-15s.

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24 Responses to I know y’all were just dying to find out how to make the world a safer place…..

  1. Towser says:

    So a bunch of us buy a share each of Dicks stock (ewwww! right) Then we file a class action suit against the bastards for destroying our profits!

    • Bacon says:

      We’d need to hold enough of the company to make it fly in court. However, dick’s is a $3.32B company with 82.69M shares, currently at $31.71 a share. In other words, even with the current undervaluation, all of us together couldn’t buy enough shares for a successful suit. And I’m leaving out the company’s strategic defenses, as outlined in their annual reports.

  2. ignore amos says:

    I see a great business opportunity. Send me you unwanted ARs. I will dispose of them properly, and safely.

  3. Padawan says:

    I stopped reading Rolling Stone after they pretty much featured the Boston Marathon bomber as a fucking saint and ruined the lives of those college men when the RS “reporter” falsely accused them of raping a fellow female student. I was somehow ended up getting a free subscription to their shit rag (never asked for it) and when I got an email after three issues asking me to pay for a renewal I sent them a profanity laced email explaining why I would never read their magazine and how we always threw it right into the trash when we pull it out of the mailbox.

  4. Professor Hale says:

    Ducks didn’t bow to pressure. They did it because it’s what they wanted to do all along.

  5. SAM says:

    The odd thing is Dick’s could not have done what they say they did. On the web site they say:
    ‘The first cut will pass through the threaded portion of the receiver ring and magazine well opening at the bottom of the frame. Next, you’ll sever the hinge pin, ejector block and bolt guide rails. Finally, you’ll need to burn through the body locking lug and bolt guide rails. Be careful to ensure that each cut fully severs the frame.
    Per ATF guidelines, “All cutting must be done with a cutting torch having a tip of sufficient size to displace at least ¼ inch of material at each location.”
    That’s it! Three cuts with a blow torch and you’re done.’
    AR receiver are made of aluminum you can not oxy-fuel gas cutting on aluminum at all. You can only cut Carbon Steel, and Titanium. (NOTE I have only cut Steel never Titanium, and I have never met any one who says that they have cut Titanium. But I did a four year (sounds more than it was, it was one day and one night for around 36 weeks a year) City and Guilds (look it up it’s in the UK) course, and that is what we were told).

  6. Tn Ed says:

    It’s funny how these companies still don’t get who the majority of this country consist of. Won’t be long before their stocks drop and stores close. Boycott them, your feet and wallet control way more then these shitty companies realize.

  7. Tn Ed says:

    I called and left a message for their media dept. (724) 273-5552. Also called 1-866-677-4771 which is corporate and you will get a real person. Let the person who answered know about stores like ‘Sports Academy” and how Dicks will lose millions now and go the way of “Toys’R’US and Target. Everyone should do the same.

  8. rebar says:

    I am happy to see people readers of Rolling Stone Magazine disarmed.

  9. rebar says:

    Also, “Blow torches” are Oy-Acetylene torches and cut ferrous materials only. You can cut a steel FAL receiver. You cannot cut non-ferrous materials such as an AR15 aluminum receiver. These people at the BATFE are complete idiots. Rolling Stone writers are morons as well. I am happy to see them make fools of themselves in public though.

    • crazyeighter says:

      Well, it’s not like the average RS reader could tell an AR-15 from a FN-FAL. Or a blowtorch from a cutting torch for that matter.

  10. Nemo says:

    Dick’s position on firearms doesn’t seem to have hurt their stock price much yet. Have to see what their next earnings report looks like gauge whether the 2A boycott is having an effect.

    • rebar says:

      Soros is probably propping the company up. That is chump change to him.

      • Bacon says:

        They don’t need to be propped up by soros. The suburban soccer moms who shop there are the ones propping them up. And guess what, those moms probably approve of dick’s anti-American policies.

    • Bacon says:

      Unfortunately, it isn’t going to hurt them enough to matter. They are trending downward over time, but analysis shows that it’s entirely due to financial and market data, not current news.

      The simple truth is that they never catered to sportsmen, their customer base is soccer moms and similar suburban sports, the outdoors stuff was never more than a sideline that allowed them to claim a certain market niche to investors.

  11. Brother Antony says:

    Ahh, how sweet it is. These Rolling Stone fuckwits decided to demonstrate their childish dream with a diagram of an FN rather than an AR.

    Well, for twenty-five years that 3 ft of long black rifle, 3 ft without bayonet, I might add, helped keep my arse safe. I wonder if any one of them would care take one whilst I another and then play ‘end game’ with me then see who walks away and who does not.

    P.S. Yeah, OK, it’s Friday night I’m bored. I’ve just got back from the Pub and quite a few pints but WTF, do these perambulating retards really deserve to live? Answers on the bottom of a Starbucks coffee cup please.

  12. Bill N. says:

    You guys are looking at this all wrong. Give this to all your liberal friends that oppose private ownership of AR-15s and encourage them to destroy any they have. This will cost them money that they would have been able recover from the sell to give to anti-gun politicians. Manufacturers will have to build more so they can sell them to people who still want them. Gun shops will stay in business selling AR-15s. Encourage them to buy additional AR-15s and destroy them. This will have the effect of supporting the gun industry while reducing their ability to attack conservatives and defend themselves allowing criminals to kill, rob, and otherwise fuck them up.

  13. C.R. says:

    Do the people who buy rolling stone actually OWN those evil firearms ?

  14. mac says:

    Rolling Stoned has always been propaganda disguised as entertainment ‘news’, and I, too, am in favor of their avid readers disarming themselves.

  15. fjord says:

    the problem isn’t the guns.

    it’s certain people.

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