I wouldn’t put it past the PETAphiles

An iconic 19th-century dairy farm whose owner invited children to the property to learn about agriculture was burned to the ground on Sunday night, killing all the animals, according to local police.

The blaze, which consumed two homes on the property in Waterbury, Vt., as well as a cow barn, could be seen from 20 miles away, reported local TV station WCAX.

According to another Vermont TV station, WVNY/WFFF, at least five fire departments responded to the scene as well as state police, several local police departments and EMTs. On Sunday evening the firefighters were working to contain the flames.

“All the livestock that were in the barn are dead,” Waterbury Fire Chief Gary Dillon told the station.

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3 Responses to I wouldn’t put it past the PETAphiles

  1. Elmo says:

    That hurts. Chances are most of the cows lost were multi-generational members of the family, too.

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