Looks like a holster I once owned

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7 Responses to Looks like a holster I once owned

  1. It may look like a holster you once owned, but I don’t recommend sticking your gun in it.

  2. twallace says:

    looks like the halter in the saddle-bronc riding contest at a rodeo…. giddy-up

  3. Steve says:

    All of the “non-white” females that I work with; get those tightly braided hairdos…..I always ask them, “how long did it take to get those braids?” And the answer is 6-8 hours!!!!! And the end result is still “meh”.


  4. Unclezip says:

    Basket-weaving for fun and profit.

  5. ThinkingOutLoud says:

    Wow. That’s some patience and beautiful work done by some loving mom or dad. Very creative. Thank you for the nice change from bad tats and People of WalMart!

  6. brighteyes says:

    Basket case fer sure.

  7. ed357 says:

    Yup…..I agree….it’s a holster…..but I don’t recognize it…..

    therefor I didn’t own it…..might have rented it tho.


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