Mountain lion takes down a mule deer

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  1. Tim in AK says:

    A little over 60 years ago, my father and a couple of his brothers got on a fresh cougar track.
    There was a couple inches of fresh wet snow on the ground which for perfect tracking conditions.
    It wasn’t in open plains type of country like in this video, but heavily forested, mountainous terrain.

    They followed it for an entire day, by their estimation about 1 1/2 hours behind it all day.

    The cougar killed 5 blacktail deer that day. He said it only ate part of their livers, and then walked off, looking for the next deer. All the deer were still warm when my father and uncles found them.

    • Wirecutter says:

      But but but they’re such magnificent creatures!

      • Tim in AK says:

        And they only take the weak, the halt, and the lame!
        And they never ever kill more than they can eat!

        It’s true because Disney told me so!

        • Wirecutter says:

          I’d heard the same about coyotes and people flat out do not believe me when I tell them about the time I was contracted to shoot some coyotes after a half dozen or more ripped into a flock of ewes that had been separated so they could drop their lambs. They killed every damned ewe and ripped the lambs out of their bodies. I saw exactly one lamb that had been fed on.
          I suspected feral dogs myself until I saw the tracks and other sign. As I was talking to the rancher, 3 coyotes coming back for more popped up over the rise, saw us and hauled ass.

  2. kdts says:

    The neighbors had a couple incidents with Lions.
    One woke up and had a feelin they’s bein watched, rolled over and Lion was outside of the bedroom window watchin them sleep.
    Across the road, up aways the other single woman and 2 kids playin in their half-assed wire-weld fence in the backyard heard a scream and watched a Lion take down a deer in the driveway and then buried it beside the house.
    Saw a lot of traks on the ridge outside the livin room windows, but never saw a Lion.
    Bears are a whole nother story.

    • Tim in AK says:

      Just an FYI……I’ve eaten cougar, and it’s not bad.
      It’s a white meat, and if someone fed you some without telling you what it was, you’d think it was very lean pork. There was no fat in it at all.

      • Wirecutter says:

        Mountain lion was actually a delicacy for early American trappers according to what I’ve read.

      • soapweed says:

        Tim: Mtn lion/cougar we ate here in eastern Colo was indeed a white meat when cooked, tasted like pork, and was coarse grained.

        • Tim in AK says:

          Your experience mirrors mine.
          I got the cougar meat from my Pa, and it was enough for four suppers, one of which was with a married couple who came over to share in the exotic treat, so six suppers actually.

          I was glad to get that much of the meat, because with the zero fat content, it took a little practice to cook it properly.
          I over cooked it the first couple of times, because with no fat, it cooked really really quickly.

  3. Sanders says:

    A few years ago, I was hunting cow elk with my muzzleloader near Luna, NM. Taking a break, my buddies and were sitting up on a hill looking down a firebreak with our binos. I saw a couple mule deer cross the firebreak, then not 30 seconds later, a mountain lion came stalking across it behind them.

    They disappeared into the trees, so I don’t know if the lion was successful in bringing one down, or not.

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