Now that’s a vacation to remember

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4 Responses to Now that’s a vacation to remember

  1. JB says:

    Saw a similar picture once but the bull followed the guy into the water. He was already in and turned to look back and see the bull launching himself in after him. Oops.

  2. Rob says:

    That was a good picture, I had to look it up.

    >>Captured in black and white, this photo of a bull knocking a man into the sea in southern Spain won local snapper Jaime Mezquaida second place in the Events section

    ‘It is held in July in honour of the patron of the city and in memory of the monk Pedro Esteve who according to legend, in 1633 saved the city from the plague.

    ‘In the Denia port they built the Plaza de toros ‘Square of the bulls’ which has access to the sea on one side.<<

  3. Gryphon says:

    I always Like seeing people who Abuse Animals getting Hurt…

  4. Valkin.a says:

    Is that where the saying “hung on the horns of a dilemma” comes from?

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