“Oh crap, that’s my baby’s doctor!”

OCKWALL, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – A North Texas pediatrician has been suspended from his practice for bizarre and dangerous acts detailed in documents from the Texas Medical Board.

After more than 20 years licensed in Texas, the board suspended Dr. Kurt Pflieger, after he showed up to work last week crying and wearing pajamas. The breakdown ended months of illegal behavior according to the documents.

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2 Responses to “Oh crap, that’s my baby’s doctor!”

  1. SgtBob says:

    “I’m glad that he’s getting a mandatory break, for sure,” said one mother, Leslie Cook, as she left the office Tuesday. “And being the mother of a baby that I love so much… I would want him to see a doctor that’s well rested, happy and clear-headed.”

    A clear indication Texas has been invaded by the West Coastifornicators.

    For sure.

  2. Steve in ky says:

    He’s fine.

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