Rough day?

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13 Responses to Rough day?

  1. Lofty says:

    Wow, worth whatever was paid for it. I can picture this being an unprotected head.

  2. RonM says:

    Wow! Not as rough as it might have been.

  3. p kerit says:

    I recently found this website. I like it and read it everyday.

  4. rick says:

    And he was probably wearing tennis shoes.

  5. Twostrokejunkie says:

    A friend wore his shoei all the way thruogh down the middle of the back. Came off doig 160 coming back from nuremburg heading to katterbach. After a few months in the hospital he was discharged back to the states. Helmet, leathers and gloves or he woulda been much worse. As it is he went thruogh the back of his leathers, so wicked road rash, plus his leg was in traction and they had him suspended off the bed like bad bondage porn.

  6. Padawan says:

    My best friend and her fiancee won’t even consider carrying me as a passenger on the backs of their bikes until I have my own helmet and leathers.

    This is a bad day that could’ve been a lot worse.

  7. wes says:

    Been there, done that, have the tee shirt, Phoenix AZ back in ’79. Woman blew a red light, plowed into me and the KZ. I ended up getting wrapped up under the front of her car with the helmet wedged between the front axle and pavement as the whole mess eventually slid to a stop.

    The sound of the helmet grinding away against the pavement really made me glad I was wearing it. Responders had to jack the car the release me from under it. I walked away with nothing more than some bruises and a couple grand in damages to the bike.


  8. Greg B says:

    Yep. Been there. Done that.

  9. =TW= says:

    Went over the bars of my Kawi after being sideswiped. Hit the pavement face first, bike doing cartwheels in the air behind me.
    I kept that mangled Bell Star for years as a reminder…

  10. Glenn B says:

    Helmet saved whomever an awful lot of ouch.

  11. John Deaux says:

    I lost a very good friend, a man I considered a brother, when he was hit and drug by a truck over 100 feet. The helmet blew up while on his head, insurance investigation said it had gotten that hot.

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