Salmonella outbreak, egg recall

A salmonella outbreak associated with eggs prompted one of the largest egg recalls in recent years Saturday, more than 206 million eggs sold under nine different brands in nine states.

The recall by Rose Acre Farms is, according to Food Safety News, the largest in the United States since a 2010 recall also spurred by salmonella.

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6 Responses to Salmonella outbreak, egg recall

  1. Mr Kelly says:

    Eggs over 3 months old? I’ll get mine from my back yard.

  2. bogsidebunny says:

    A few of these hen ovary bombs might just do the trick if you haven’t taken a dump in 2 weeks. Don’t forget to remove the outer casing before consuming, though.

  3. Unclezip says:

    We’ve got a yuge chicken ranch just a few miles down the road. Vegetarian, no hormones, and they hit the store no more than three days old.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Me being down to 2 birds, I buy eggs but the freshly laid ones are the ones we eat for breakfast. We pretty much keep the storebought ones for recipes.

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