Shooter at YouTube HQ

SAN BRUNO, Calif. (KGO) — Officials confirm an active police investigation is underway at YouTube’s headquarters on Cherry Avenue in San Bruno.

The San Mateo County Sheriff’s confirmed that an active shooter situation is taking place place on the campus.

Another law enforcement source confirms to ABC7 News reporter Dan Noyes that the shooter is a white, adult female wearing a dark top and head scarf.


Karma, baby, karma.

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25 Responses to Shooter at YouTube HQ

  1. BiblicalViolence says:

    Supposedly an “adult female wearing a dark top and a head scarf”.

  2. 1980XLS says:

    Hopefully we get to watch it on YouTube.

  3. Brian says:

    No body cams will be posted to you tube for viewing as per their policy.

  4. John h says:

    Guy on interview on ch 7 sad it was a Man angry and crying!??
    John h.

  5. realspark21 says:

    …but, but, but…it’s a “Gun Free Zone”…how the Eff does that work?

  6. Bubba says:

    If she was Muzzie, how did she get out of the house without 10 male relatives??

  7. Rowland says:

    I thought that place was a gun free Zone! How did she get the gun past the signs?!?

  8. SAM says:

    t’s on the UK news now. Shooting at You Tube [not say that it’s a ‘Gun Free Zone’ AKA ‘Target Rich Environment’ in a anti gun state] they need to ban guns now.
    UPDATE; The next story on the news was about the large number of shootings in London and how there has been a large number of murders in London Not one person got that London, England, (Use to be) Great Britain, is a ‘Target Rich Environment’ sorry that should read’ Gun Free Zone’.

  9. Mike_C says:

    Latest news report is that the shooter killed herself. Apparently at any rate.

    Clearly the supposedly different news services are using the same sources and same text, this being identified by the same errors, such as “Peaked (sic) around for threats…”

    LA Times tells us that BATFE has sent agents from its San Francisco office, which of course fills me with confidence. LAT also tells us: “So far authorities do not believe this was an act of terrorism and appears instead to have been a case of domestic or workplace violence…” Maybe so. But “workplace violence” has pretty broad meaning these days, seeing as that Fort Hood asshole (whose name I will not repeat — let him be forgotten) also perpetrated workplace violence and not Islamist terrorism.

    In other news:
    “A worker from a nearby Carl’s Jr. told KTVU that a woman with an injury to her leg required a tourniquet made from a bungee cord.” While I am glad to see that someone tried to stabilize a presumed GSW in the field, is a freaking bungie cord the most effective item at hand for a tourniquet?

  10. Chris says:

    Today, some dumb ass said the wrong thing to his squeeze, and that dumb bitch drama queened all over his work place. End of story. In other news…

  11. K9Kill says:

    Strange. Why did the ATF respond to the shooting?

  12. J says:

    Well, youtube reaps what it sows.
    But…it was a crotch spat, so….

  13. paulb says:

    Smells to high heaven.

  14. crazyeighter says:

    I wonder which YouTube “shooting survivor” will emerge to take up David Hogg’s fumbled torch for Moar Gun Control.

    Otherwise, I’m unmoved.

  15. RTinWeimar says:

    Mmmm…Suspect didn’t fit the standard Deplorable Profile.
    Nothing to see here folks…Move along.

  16. rick says:

    Shooter was far left activist, vegan, muslim, angry at YT for being censored. Reap what you sow, indeed.

  17. Tannhauser says:

    Serious lack of protein……makes you crazee!

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