Such a short life…..

Verne Troyer — best known for playing Mini-Me in the ‘Austin Powers’ comedies, and for being one of the shortest men in the world — has died.

Verne died Saturday, according to a statement from his family. We’d been told he was on some form of life support since being taken to the hospital earlier this month after cops got a report he was drunk and suicidal, and was treated for possible alcohol poisoning.

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5 Responses to Such a short life…..

  1. Padawan says:

    I see what you did there.

  2. 1980XLS says:

    Wouldn’t take much to poison oneself, when one is only 2’9″

    “Short Life”
    Do I detect an intended “Pun” in that comment?

  3. Big Red says:

    Wonder if they will bury him in a Gary Coleman cooler, or yeti?

  4. arc says:

    Hope none of the other magic dwarfs follow this path :(

    Magic dwarf is hard to come by.

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