Talk about being Spammed

Thought I was bullshitting when I said in an earlier post about shipping full pallets of Spam to Hawaii 3 times a week when I work for Safeway? Chris sent me this picture from the Safeway on Kapahulu Ave in Honolulu.

That’s a couple pallets stacked up, I don’t think they came more than 5 or 6 tiers  high because of the weight.

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  1. Padawan says:

    The M*A*S*H episode where they’re celebrating Greek Easter with some Greek soldiers comes to mind when I see this.

  2. anonymous says:

    So why do Hawaiians like Spam so much ? I’m guessing WW II years have something to do with it. That was a long time ago though – what gives ?

    • John Deaux says:

      I think it’s because there isn’t much in the meat animal department there. Pigs, goats, a few cows and tons of spam.

      • Wirecutter says:

        Actually, Hawaii’s got some big cattle ranches. The rest of their meat comes from the same place everybody else’s does – it’s shipped over from the mainland.

        • John Deaux says:

          I knew a lot was shipped in, like Alaska, making it kinda expensive for Joe and Jane Aloha. I didn’t see or hear anything about cattle ranching but I wasn’t there very long, thank god.

    • UH1H CE says:

      Pretty much everywhere the US provided food aid during WW2; think Britain, (Monty Python?)

      Guam and the Philippines are the same way. You can get SPAM at McDonalds in both locations. Every 7-11 in Hawaii has Musubi snacks at the counter.

    • Kristy says:

      Whatever the reason, they love Spam. Hawaiian restaurants here always have musubi as a main menu offering.

  3. nwoldude says:

    Yum, yum, eat ’em up!

  4. John Deaux says:

    Man it seemed like they served spam with everything, fried with eggs, spam loaf instead of real meat, plain out of the can on 2 slices of bread with mayo, etc…
    Personally I couldn’t eat the stuff because of the salt content, I would always be thirsty no matter how much I drank.

    • Nemo says:

      Fat, Salt, fat, nitrates, fat, potato starch, fat, sugar, and fat. It’s what’s for dinner.

  5. paul says:

    $2 a can is a good price.

  6. Don in Oregon says:

    Stuff’s crazy popular in Okinawa too. WWII influence I guess.

  7. Allen H says:

    My father was in the Navy in World War II. He was in the Pacific from late 1942 to after VJ Day. He refused to eat Spam. He told me me it was served at almost every meal. He said he glad to have it but made a promise to himself that he would never eat it after he got out of the Navy. My mother was on a tight budget with four hungry children and would serve it occasionally. She would make him something else when she made it for the kids. He said the sight and smell of Spam would make him gag.

    • H says:

      My father turned wrenches on Navy aircraft on Guadalcanal and he also refused to touch the stuff, or even let it in the house for other’s consumption. I kinda have a jones for it every so often but he never did.

  8. Lynn A. Stokes says:

    While stocking the boat, went to Sam’s club and there an entire isle of spam. Plus a ton of different flavors. Since Oahu to California is 18 to 21 days +/- , bought a couple of dozens cans for just in case. There were 2 cans left and I had a 4 man crew. Spam n rice anyone? Don’t forget the gravy!!

  9. SAM says:

    Lovely Spam! Wonderful Spam!
    Lovely Spam! Wonderful Spam
    Lovely Spam! (Lovely Spam!)
    Lovely Spam! (Lovely Spam!)
    Lovely Spam!
    Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam!

  10. Trib says:

    Last for ever. Great survival food. I keep cases stored. Also good for barter.

  11. Anderson says:

    Captain Cook left breeding pairs of pigs to run wild wherever he landed in the Pacific. In New Zealand pigs are still referred to as “Captain Cookers”. So perhaps there is a longstanding taste for pork in Hawaii because of that. I don’t know what part of pig flesh Spam comes from but I know there is zero waste at a processing plant. Even their hooves are ground up to make jello.

  12. STW says:

    Friends tell me the saltiness of the Spam contrasts nicely with more traditional island foods. Some uses are odd, however. I’ve had a slice of Spam as an addition on a hamburger and Spam fried rice. You eat it and smile. I understand Spam is also very popular in the Philippines.

  13. Tom in NC says:

    I have a pic I took almost identical to this one while in Hilo a couple years ago. There is a WWII connection. It was in GI rations (‘C’ rats I think) and so became available to Hawaiians. They found the fat and salt went well with their starchy poi, a big staple of their diet. And it’s kinda kept up from there.

    When hurricanes approach the mainland people stock up on bread and milk and eggs. In Hawaii they stock up on rice and spam.

  14. Storyteller says:

    A buddy of mine was from the Netherlands and told that it was same there, stuff was everywhere. Growing up in Seattle never had it. Now after 50 .years in Hawaii, once a week. Try with grilled pineapple. Its not for everyone, but is does last forever.

  15. MacArch says:

    Do you live in the tropics, love pork, don’t have a ton of money, and power/ refrigeration is sketchy (especially durning WWII). You are going to LOVE Spam!

  16. brighteyes says:

    Lots of good ideas for liking spam but one I didn’t see is it’s cheap. Aint much in Hawaii that’s cheap. Also, the man is correct. Huge cattle farms here as well as lots of pigs. About every other food truck is pulled pork b,que Hawaiian style. Not long ago the Parker Ranch on the Big Island was as large or maybe larger than any ranch in Texas. Cowboys, rodeos the whole deal. On Maui Up Country there are still large herds. The meat is delicious. One reason they feed them garbage. The garbage is fruit. rinds and stuff like that.

  17. R Brown says:

    It can also be eaten right out of the can, course you have to have people, hungry enough to eat an entire can.

  18. Rat Bastard says:

    Out here in PHNSY, the code that I work in occasionally cooks breakfast in our conference room. Scrambled eggs, fried rice and a mini buffet of meats
    Fried Bacon
    Fried Portuguese Sausage
    Fried Spam.

    Everyone nails the bacon (2 – 3 ) per person and there’s always a shit ton of fried spam. I load up my plate with some eggs, some fried rice and a shit ton of fried spam and wander back to my cube.

    The baby engineers bring offerings of Fried Spam seeking Knowledge! I get to trade it for the spam!!!

    I grew up in Oregon and my stepdad work for Weyerhaeuser and was typically laid-off about half the year. You can’t log when the snow is several feet deep. The meat on the table was what we killed or government provided. Governed Cheese and Spam Is Pretty Fucking Good.

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