That doesn’t stop them from trying to regulate guns

Liberals came up with a new rule that says if Congress doesn’t understand something, they aren’t allowed to regulate it. Of course like everything liberal, this comes with many exemptions. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg testified on Capitol Hill this week and some members of Congress demonstrated they truly do not understand social media. Based on that, liberals say Congress isn’t allowed to regulate it. Congress, especially democrats, also doesn’t understand firearms, yet thanks to a carve-out, liberals still think they have the ability to impose gun control. Funny that.

First up we have Washington Post writer Margaret Sullivan with this new rule:

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4 Responses to That doesn’t stop them from trying to regulate guns

  1. Joe says:

    the cigarette in her mouth says it all.

  2. it is written that the tares will grow with the grain until the end, when it is time for the harvest.
    too bad we cannot weed the field ourselves.
    if only all the weeds had their own field to live away from us, but they’d always have their noses over the fence trying to oversee us from their side.

  3. Jack Crabb says:

    I guess libturds are past even caring about how fucking stupid they look when they attempt to have a serious, logical, reasoned conversation.

  4. warhorse says:

    honestly we should start letting them ban things they don’t understand. encourage it. let them ban things that don’t exist so they “feel” like they’ve done something, but haven’t done anything.

    phased plasma rifles? BANNED!
    auto squirrel guns that fire live squirrels? BANNED! (you can still have a semi-auto squirrel gun)
    phaser rifles and pistols? BANNED!
    ocillation overthrusters? BANNED!

    let them ban away, and get more rediculous until they catch on. it should be a fun game.

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