The Cowards of Broward

This past weekend, Stoneman Douglas student Kyle Kashuv visited a gun range with his father, who wanted to teach him how to shoot. If that name sounds familiar, it should – Kashuv was the odd man out among the shooting survivors, the one who remained pro-Second Amendment despite all pressures to do otherwise. While David Hogg postured in his 1984 Inner Party member suit and the others read their replies from cue cards, Kashuv gave thoughtful, informed replies to leading media questions.

As is typical of the moment, Kashuv memorialized his outing on social media, putting up a number of photos on Twitter. All well and good until he reported to school yesterday.

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3 Responses to The Cowards of Broward

  1. Free Citizen says:

    This type of COP attitude has really grown among our so called “heroes” in law enforcement. Police have no obligation to protect you. The Supreme Court told us that. The Sheriff Dept. is usually better by far than the city cops and that just depends on the Sheriff himself. Garbage in garbage out seems to apply here. I hope that Kashuv sticks to his guns (pun intended).

  2. If they had interrogated my child like that, the lawsuit would be massive.

  3. MrMoJoe says:

    They interrogated a minor without a parent present, WTF. are they making this shit up as they go? Are these the same 3 who hide outside during the shooting? Fucking pussies!

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