The Renegade Sheriffs – A law-enforcement movement that claims to answer only to the Constitution

On a Friday afternoon in March, 2013, a sheriff’s sergeant named Jody Hoagland noticed a red Nissan pickup truck drifting off a road. Hoagland was two hours into his shift patrolling Liberty County, Florida, eight hundred square miles of the state’s Panhandle. He had just come from a small shed fire, and was driving through the Apalachicola National Forest, which carpets the southern half of the county in longleaf pines. Two-lane roads meander past grazing cows, Baptist churches (“Good News: Jesus Loves You”), Confederate flags, and roadside stands peddling stink bait. Signs of humankind vanish, save for the solitary roadside mailbox. You live here because you want to be left alone.

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6 Responses to The Renegade Sheriffs – A law-enforcement movement that claims to answer only to the Constitution

  1. Andrew says:

    This is the Florida that I love. Not that shit down in Orlando or Miami.

    By the way, Gilchrist County, the place where the two deputies were killed while sitting down to eat at a Chinese restaurant, is pretty much a more populated version of Liberty County.

    Again, this is the Florida that I love. These are the law officers that I respect.

  2. Steve in KY says:

    Fuck the New Yorker. The smarmy lying cocksuckers. The Sherriff is hated by the people I hate. The Sherriff is loved by the people I love. Maybe if we had a shitty one I would feel differently, but we have elected a great one.

  3. Bobo the Hobo says:

    Ah yes, more tut-tutting from our moral superiors at The New Yorker.

  4. didn’t finish the article.
    started well, but the new yorker?
    then the true colors came out [coward yellow and moral superiority vomit color].

  5. Griz Alaska says:

    What a load of B.S.!
    The hit piece article, hits on all the LIEberal talking points.

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