“Then hand over the state of Florida”

WASHINGTON – Malik Shabazz, former chairman of the New Black Panther Party and president of Black Lawyers for Justice, called on President Trump to provide reparations for slavery or designate territory solely for African-Americans.

“We must have reparations, full compensation for the theft of our land, the theft of our bodies, the theft of our people from Africa, the theft of our dignity; the desecration of our souls decade after decade after decade after decade. As I said, we don’t want your food stamps. We don’t want no government handout. We don’t want to be trying to fix up some paperwork so I can get Social Security. We want our own. Donald Trump, you don’t want us? You don’t want to be around us? Hot dammit, I don’t want to be around you,” Shabazz said during a “Save Our Sons: Stop the Killing” and “Condemn Donald Trump” National Black Men’s Convention march and rally outside of the White House on Saturday organized by the National Black Men’s Movement.

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44 Responses to “Then hand over the state of Florida”

  1. Paulie says:

    I think that’s a reasonable demand. I suggest that we give them Detroit and St. Louis to start.

    • Tn Ed says:

      They already have them and look what shit holes they have become. It doesn’t matter as hole they neither build and create or even maintain anything.

      • singlestack says:

        Give whites a pile of bricks and they’ll build a city. Give blacks a city and they’ll make a pile of bricks.

  2. bogsidebunny says:

    Designate territory solely for African-Americans? OK, no problem, it’s called fucking Africa. Don’t let the door hit you in your bloated buttocks on the way out.

  3. Mr says:

    That guy is an absolute idiot, theft of land? Does that stupid asshole not know that the Africans rounded up their own people to be sold?

  4. The Inukshuk says:

    There is a nice little country called Liberia. Give each returning person $1 Million with the proviso that the trip is one way. Those who feel that they can do well in America can stay, no money, however. Welfare will plummet, crime will plummet, Detroit and Chicago can be rebuilt.

  5. Sedition says:

    Bullshit. I’d burn this state from tip to tip before I ceded control of it over to that street ape. Give them Kalli, it’ll fall into the Pacific eventually anyway.

  6. John Ellis says:

    Over my dead Floridian body.

  7. Winston Smith says:

    Make it Hawaii + ALL of you, including the mules have to go and never come back. Then its a deal. Current Hawaiians get to stay if they want.

  8. Anonymous White Male says:

    If that’s all it would take to get rid of the virus, I say go for! But, we know that parasites are never satisfied. Besides, some negroes would have to move to Florida and, since they are incapable of obtaining ID to vote, moving their 3 possessions to Florida would be out of the question. I say throw in Detroit, southern Chicago, Oakland, Newark, and DC. We would have to be able to wall off the negro reservations and we’d have to give the displaced homeowners and workers some reparations as they transition to White areas. Then all we have to do is wait a generation or two, walk in with fried chicken and they’d sell us back the reservations. For more chicken, biscuits, and watermelon. Then we could ship the small number of survivors to Wakanda.

  9. Unclezip says:

    fuck you

    • Anonymous White Male says:

      Iz dat a brutha gittin’ all up in my grill about White folkz bein’ honest about race relations? You show us daily how articulate you peoples is.

  10. Roger says:

    Give ’em California, the welfare’s much better there.

  11. rayvet says:

    I’m willing to compromise with the negro racists. I will sponsor one (read that 1) airplane ticket, one way to the African country of their choice. Then we’ll call it reparations paid and be done with “these people”.

  12. Exile1981 says:

    Simple solution.buy up the farms owned by whites in south africa. Those are huge farms some are 6000+ acres. Then give the white SA farmers the right to immigrate to the US.

    Then any blacks that want reparations can have an acre of farm land in SA, but have to give up their US citizenship to get it. Works great for both countries, US gets rid of welfare cheats and race baiters and SA gets rid of its whites which they want.

    I will also point out that his ancestors were offered reparations – ie return to liberia, and turned it down.

    Also I’ll point out that places already set aside for the exclusive use of blacks didn’t work out so well. Chicago, detroit and zimbabwa

  13. James says:

    It would appear that the former chairman of the Black Panthers is not aware of the fact that reparations have already been made. They may begin getting their stuff together and go to the place that has already been established for freed slaves and their decedents. To all of those who feel the yearn for their own place away from white people, the independent nation of Liberia awaits. Good luck.

  14. Rich Whiteman says:

    Holy smokes, that was hard to read. Trump LOVES hisself some black folk, Shabazz-a-roni! He be puttin y’all to work for a change.
    And, Liberia is the place I believe you are yearning for. You’re just the type of go-getter they need!

  15. Tsquared says:

    I believe that has been done a couple of times. The countries of Liberia and Sierra Leone were founded for repatriating Africans. Two countries that are shinning stars to show the rest of the world the way of enlightenment – NOT.

    Seriously, if they down’t want to be around out Americans they need to find a country they are more comfortable in.

  16. RebPirate says:

    Fu@k NO!
    I’ll make a donation to anyone who wants to go back to the “mother land”. As long as it’s a one way/no return ticket!
    Tired of hearing this same tune from people who have no intention of actually contributing to society, but will continue to play the victim. There’s no pleasing Mr. Shabazz-Shama-Lama-Ding-Ding-Dong. If he wants his “40 acres and a mule” that he thinks was promised, he can get it from the decendants of that murdering, degenerate William Tecumseh Sherman…the one who made the “offer”.
    I’m second generation American from Germany. Last I checked, we didn’t OWN anyone or anything.
    Piss up a rope and get rid of the cartoon name Shazam!

  17. hey@luis says:

    Assfool can have all he wants across the ocean.

  18. fjord says:

    and within 15 minutes of doing so, FLA would look like Haiti and they’d be begging for money,food,fuel, rebuilding, infrastructure..


  19. Nemo says:

    Reparations? Fuck that. How about reparations for all of the families of civil war dead that fought to free those ungrateful wretches? Don’t like that? Go back to Africa and try making something of the countries over there, if you can survive the tribal purges going on to this day, since self rule in the 60’s and 70’s.

    Remember one thing after you get there, all of the infrastructure and progress on that continent in the last 300 years was accomplished by WHITE MEN. If it was up to the indigenous population they’d still be living as hunter gatherers with animal skins for clothes. Good Luck.

  20. tripseven says:

    Those looking for reparations I would like to offer you…Africa.

    • fjord says:

      which is being colonized and resources stripped by … China… so

      • Mike_C says:

        China in Africa! If they thought European colonization was bad, wait until China is feeling stronger and more confident.

        Empire of Dust (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzyaa2tfwBk) seems to demonstrate Chinese attitudes toward Africans pretty well. There is absolutely NO “yellow guilt” on the part of the Chinese. And the Chinese for sure have no negrophilia, much less negro worship, unlike our self-proclaimed moral superiors here in the West. “I’m so so so very sorry for what my genetically-evil ice people did to your glorious ebony Sun People. Why don’t you gather up a dozen of your friends, come over to my house, and you can pull a train on my daughter. I’ll help hold her down if she complains.”

        The anthology There Will Be War, Volume X (Jerry Pournelle, ed) is linked below. The second story (“Seven Kill Tiger” by Charles Shao) is part of the free preview. Anyway, the attitudes and actions of the Chinese in this story do not seem implausible to me.


  21. Larry says:

    “. . . full compensation for the theft of our land . . .” Just what “land” would that moron be referring to? Slaves didn’t own any land and were sold by their owners in Africa to slave traders. Stupidity runs rampant among uneducated people.

  22. crazyeighter says:

    Give ’em North Dakota.

  23. formwiz says:

    the theft of our land, the theft of our bodies, the theft of our people from Africa, the theft of our dignity

    For the first 3, Mecca’s about 6500 miles. You can start walking now.

    For the last, try your nearest mirror.

    PS I am so fucking tired of these phony black hustlers who give themselves black or Arabic names (if Shabazz actually is a real name). Notice they all pull out the race card the second anybody even suggests that, if they miss the savannas so much, welfare would probably pay for a ride to the land of their forebears.

    (Wire, if that’s too much, I’ll understand)

  24. Trib says:

    Give them Puerto Rico as long as they do a dance to “Mr Bo Jangle”

  25. Sanders says:

    Hell, send them to Haiti. Nevermind, too close. Send them to Africa.

  26. California southpaw says:

    We wuz kangz and shit! Good. You hereby rule over the city dump. Try not to piss off the rats.

  27. Jack says:

    Their land? their land is Wakanda, go thou & sleekest! & hurry thine ass up!

  28. pioneer Preppy says:

    We been paying reparations since before Lee signed that paper at the courthouse. It will never stop.

  29. wildbill says:

    We’ve been paying reparations since 1865 in welfare, wasted attempts to educate, free health care, and all the shit they’ve stolen. Round up all that don’t like it here and ship them back. Pay them $50,000 a year for 5 years, then cut off all aid and shoot any of them that try to come back.

  30. Tn Ed says:

    Chinese man tells African they can’t build shit.

  31. HAL P says:

    Go back to africa

  32. Roger R says:

    Reparations? For what?
    If he is talking about the current state of blacks in America, he needs to go talk to the Democrats, not President Trump.

    If he’s referring to slavery – well, not one black american alive today was a slave.
    Nice try.

  33. Murkan Mike says:

    I just can’t believe that shit, is this knucklehead serious? Does he know what an illiterate asshole he sounds like? This is the stupidest shit I’ve ever heard, even from an American black! And believe me, I’ve heard a lot of ignorant shit blurted out under the influence of alcohol and drugs from American blacks. What a dumbass! How do we get this ignorant chucklehead to read these comments? That’s probably not possible is it?

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