This is enough to make you swear off flying

A passenger died and seven others were injured after the engine of a Southwest Airlines jet blew open in mid-air — sending debris into the plane’s body and causing a window to burst.

Passengers described hearing the Boeing 737-700’s left engine explode about 20 minutes after takeoff from New York’s LaGuardia Airport Tuesday morning. The plane violently depressurized when the window broke open.


Actually, TSA is what made me swear off flying.

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24 Responses to This is enough to make you swear off flying

  1. Gordon says:

    Don’t forget, the lowest bidder got the contract to build that puppy.

  2. rebar says:

    hope it was a rolls royce

    • POd American says:

      It’s a joint venture engine and has a great reputation. This incident, in the scheme of things, is a very sad but unlikely event. The nose/fan cowls were destroyed indicating that the fan section probably came apart.

      • crazyeighter says:

        But you think, thousands of engines running for thousands of hours at thousands of revolutions per minute is several kabillion revolutions and when was the last time something like this happened?

  3. .45-70 says:

    Probably a fan blade came apart.

  4. nwoldude says:

    The recent inspection included walking by the engines and glancing up at the fan blades.

  5. Padawan says:

    I’ve only been on a plane once and I’m perfectly okay if I never get on another one ever again.

    • donnie says:

      Plus 100 on the humiliation of the security “theatre” shakedown. I don’t mind flying, but feeling like I’m being processed through the prison induction gate sucks ass…… supremely.

      • Padawan says:

        I flew from Manchester (NH) to Tampa in 2015. I practically got butt fucked by the TSA leaving Manchester: body scanner, full in-public-view pat down, the entire contents of my backpack rifled through and my hands swabbed to check for explosives for which I was told something was “found” on me but wasn’t “concerning” enough to keep me off my flight. Leaving Tampa they apparently didn’t care as much: take my laptop out of my backpack to put through the machine and a quick wand wave over me before going to my gate.

        • warhorse says:

          in NH, they heard you were with me and said “oh shit we really gotta check this one…her boyfriend runs the First Granite State Irregulars…she’s gotta be up to something….”

        • Mike_C says:

          You’re not gonna enjoy flying out of BOS then. Of the three main New England airports, MHT is more pleasant (and professional) than PVD (TF Green in Providence, RI for you nonlocals), and PVD is better than Logan (BOS, bringing you two of the four 9/11 planes).

          I went through a period of refusing the Rapeyscans(1), just to fuck with them, but ultimately my laziness won out, because it takes forever to get the pat down (that’s Counter-Fuck You from TSA, because there’s always at least half a dozen less-than useless assholes in blue standing around either doing nothing or shouting at people). A while back I happened to be going through Security Theater with a guy who had done security consulting for El Al (the Israelis, who have actual competent security) and this guy purely HATED the TSA for their incompetence and political correctness. We had quite the conversation. They also kept him waiting 20 minutes for his pat down whereas mine only took about 5 minutes wait. Pretty sure he was a “known hostile” but they couldn’t fuck with him too much because he was a Jew and had the “anti-Semitism” card to play if they fucked with him too hard.

          TSA and PC? Why of course! I often fly through DTW (Detroit) and there are a metric fuckton of Muslims in Dearborn, Hamtramck (“Poletown” is no more), etc around Detroit. Women in headscarves, and men in “traditional garb” do not go through the Rapeyscan (“against muh religion, you gotta respect muh religion of peace”) and do not get patted down (“also against muh religion of peace”). So we have the LEAST “security” applied to a segment of the population that a hatey-mchater deplorable might argue is the segment most likely to be a security threat. But some Swedish or Norwegian-descended grandmother (I also used to fly through MSP a lot) gets literally hauled out of her wheelchair and patted down thoroughly and publicly. Because those white Lutherans are such terrorists(2).

          (1) Rapeyscan. I admit it, I’m making fun of them. The real name of the nekkid scanners is “Rapiscan”. Really. And Rapiscan is so much better than Rapeyscan, right? I swear those fuckers are openly mocking us.

          (2) Yeah, I know, Lutherans aren’t blowing us up, but I do blame them for importing all those Somalis into Minnesota, and all the other “refugee” bullshit elsewhere. And they aren’t the only ones. Several Protestant denominations around here have “BLM” signs and “All Refugees welcome. Hate has no home here!” signs out front, not just the Unitarian idiots. Organized supposedly Christian religion has been killed, hollowed out, and worn as a skin mask by progressives.

          • warhorse says:

            if you look into the tech, the “rapeyscan” uses far infrared (tetrahertz radiation) and a thermal imager.

            so it’s basically a heat lamp.

          • Bacon says:

            Mike, with all due respect, you’re really much too intelligent to make such a stupid “Jew” remark. Not only is there no such thing as an “anti-Semitism card” (Jews are not a “race”), but if there were, playing it would be a liberal/leftist game. Yet you just made that off-base remark about an obviously conservative guy. It doesn’t serve us well to “eat our own”!

            • Mike_C says:

              You may be correct in general, but I was paraphrasing what that guy told me was his theory for why TSA didn’t mess with him more.

        • Bacon says:

          Padawan, in addition to the random bullshit factor, and the TSA asshole factor, (and the association with Warhorse factor), there is another explanation. If you haven’t flown before and aren’t in the system, your boarding pass gets coded for additional inspection the first time through.

  6. Djamer says:

    The ONLY way to have the cheapest flights for the government, etc. . . is to cut corners somewhere, and everywhere possible, while still maintaining the same profit margins for shareholder value. Same story with Allegiant!
    Actually, it’s much worse reports-wise, but no dead bodies. . . yet.

  7. Brad says:

    note to self: next time flying, don’t give a shit about a window view, sit by the aisle and remain buckled in for the duration of the flight…

    • pdwalker says:

      And sit ahead of the engines.

      • Bacon says:

        Actually, in the event of a crash, or of a plane breaking up in midair, passengers in the tail section have a statistically greater chance of survival.

  8. warhorse says:

    last time I flew was on a P-3 orion back in the early 90’s. right now if I HAD to fly I’d pick the smallest aircraft available. preferably a turboprop. something that could land damn near anywhere if something went wrong. like a highway or a small-town airstrip.

    sure the ride isn’t as good, but you’ll get back on the ground in one piece.

  9. Westcoastdeplorable says:

    Those engines have a ring in the front end that is supposed to catch flying debris in case it comes apart in flight. Apparently it didn’t work this time, and the Feds are saying it was metal fatigue. R.I.P. to the lady who died and condolences to the family. She was married with a couple of kids. Was a VP at Wells Fargo but we’ll not hold that against her.

  10. Gryphon says:

    Pics I saw showed that Motor threw a Fan Blade- big chunk of Titanium rotating almost Supersonic- but as Designed, the Armor Belt (Nickel Alloy) around it kept the Blade from doing REAL Damage. This is an Uncommon, but not Unusual Failure Mode in a Turbofan Engine. Passenger got Fragged by all the rest of the Shattered Cowling. Older, Larger GE Engines had this happen a lot more than these CFM-56 Models, Thousands of them our there and Tens of Millions of Running Hours.
    And after 39 Years as a Jet Mechanic, I still say “DON’T SIT NEXT TO THE ENGINES!”

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