Today is Camerone Day

The Battle of Camarón (French: Bataille de Camerone) which occurred over ten hours on 30 April 1863 between the French Foreign Legion and the Mexican army, is regarded as a defining moment in the Foreign Legion’s history. A small infantry patrol, led by Captain Jean Danjou and Lieutenants Clément Maudet and Jean Vilain, numbering just 65 men[1]:5 was attacked and besieged by a force that may have eventually reached 3,000 Mexican infantry and cavalry, and was forced to make a defensive stand at the nearby Hacienda Camarón, in Camarón de Tejeda, Veracruz, Mexico. The conduct of the Legion, who refused to surrender, led to a certain mystique — and the battle of Camarón became synonymous with bravery and a fight-to-the-death attitude.

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3 Responses to Today is Camerone Day

  1. formwiz says:

    The French were invaders (irony alert). They were oppressors in the cruelest form. And they want us get all wowed over professional soldiers holding off a lot of peons?

    Sorry, not buying it.

    They got a better deal than they ever gave the Juaristas.

  2. Storyteller says:

    I once had the pleasure of sharing this celebration with a couple of former legionaires, yeah they’re like Marines, no ex’s. It got very drunk out.

  3. Critter says:

    They even talked a dumbass Austrian Hapsburg prince into being Emperor of Mexico. It didn’t work out so well for him.

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