US Bombs Syria To Cover Up Lack Of Evidence On Chem Attacks, Discredits Own Claims By Doing So

After yet another example of brazen Western aggression against Syria, the United States, UK, and France are once again demonstrating to the world who exactly is the biggest threat to world peace. The entire March 14 assault on Syria by the three powers has been justified by the West as a reaction to an alleged chemical weapons attack that allegedly took place in Douma weeks ago.

The word “allegedly” is incredibly important here because not only is it merely alleged that the Syrian military conducted a chemical weapons attack, it is also merely alleged that the attack even took place. More on that in a minute.


Regardless of whether there were chemical weapons or not, it ain’t none of our fucking business. we’ve got enough shit going on here at home, we don’t need to be meddling in other country’s bullshit.

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14 Responses to US Bombs Syria To Cover Up Lack Of Evidence On Chem Attacks, Discredits Own Claims By Doing So

  1. Towser says:

    Again, we agree (not surprising) but evidence or not, what possible REASON would Asaad have to use these. Once again we are being played.

  2. Ray says:

    On any given day 75% OR MORE of the US armed forces are “deployed” outside the US. The US Government helps guard the border in 137 county’s. None of them the US. There are more active US military bases in the Mideast than there are in The CONUS. The only country’s on earth outside Africa that have no US military presence at all are North Korea, Russia, China , Mongolia, and Iran. It is possible for a US military dependent to be born , educated, and grow up outside the CONUS and never set foot in the USA until there military parent leaves the service. What we are seeing is what happens when Empires start to fail. This WILL get worse before it gets better.

  3. H says:

    Amen, brother. GTFO and leave the re-arrangement of the rocks and debris to the natives.

    The one and only reason I don’t hold with impeaching the sumbitch after this is that the Donks will be worse overall.

  4. Winston Smith says:

    Agree we don’t need to be there, but ii really don’t have any problem dropping a bomb or few on countries that piss us off.
    Diplomacy thru Drones.

  5. nwoldude says:

    ” we don’t need to be meddling in other country’s bullshit.”

  6. Kurt says:

    “Regardless of whether there were chemical weapons or not, it ain’t none of our fucking business. we’ve got enough shit going on here at home, we don’t need to be meddling in other country’s bullshit.”

    Been saying this for years. Always stood for the “Clean up your own backyard before trying to clean up someone else’s” mantra.

  7. (((Doc B))) says:

    The way I see it is: one side is made up of muslims who hate America, and the other side is also made up of muslims who hate America. These guys are killing each other. What’s the problem?

  8. Nemo says:

    This whole Syria crap is just another false flag instigated by the West because Assad refused to have a nat. gas pipeline run through his country so that Europe could give the finger to Russia on Nat. gas supplies. Third world county’s leader doesn’t want to play ball with west? Start a civil war. That’ll teach him. What they didn’t count on was the leader winning.

    The hubris of the western countries of this world never ceases to amaze me.

  9. Gator says:

    I agree, I don’t buy that assad gassed those people. Didn’t make any sense from any angle, and theres the little reported on warning given by the russians a few weeks before this alleged attack that opposition groups were preparing to stage a chemical attack in that region to blame on the Syrian government.

    But, lets say he did do it. Still not our problem. And is exactly the opposite of what trump was elected to do. Plus, no entity in the world has killed more children in the last 20 years than the US government. The Saudis have killed over 10k in yemen is recent months with weapons we give them, while getting refueled in the air from American aircraft while they do it. Pretty hypocritical on its face.

    • warhorse says:

      I’m not sure about it not making sense. everyone already hates him, so he wouldn’t make any new enemies by doing it. the people he’s fighting are holed up in an urban area. it’d be a hell of a lot easier to gas them then to root them out with his army. urban combat is tough..ask the guys who tried to root out a few jews with a few guns in Warsaw. they used gas too….

  10. Gryphon says:

    Yeah, Riiiight. Bomb a “Chemical Weapons Storage Facility”? How many People would THAT Kill when the Chemicals got Spread around? No Evidence of Deaths, = No Chemical Weapons. Another Lie by the (((shmucks))) running the USSA.

    Sorry, I’m a Patriot who likes My Country, but it has been Hijacked by the most Evil MoFo’s ever Seen on this Planet.

    And warhorse, If you had been Watching the Vids on the Ground from Syria over the Last two Years, you would Understand that President Assad isn’t Hated by many, He has gone Walking down the Streets of Towns the Syrian Army, Militia, and Red Air Force have Liberated, and the People Cheer and Wave Flags like Patriots Defending their Nation from Invaders. They have been Fighting Block-by-Block, with Tanks and Grunts, Folks coming out of their Houses with an AK and Falling Behind the next Tank beside the Soldiers.

    None of this gets Shown by USSA Corporate Media, and now it is Actively being Censored by the U.S. Based Web Services.

    And Really, WTF are American Forces doing by Attacking a Nation that,
    A) Never Attacked Us
    B) We have Not Declared War on
    C) Has as an Ally one of the other Nuclear-Armed Superpowers as an Ally.

    • warhorse says:

      I wasn’t talking about in his own country. the enemies he has, he has…and short of dropping dead he’ll still have them. so using gas isn’t going to add to his enemies list by one bit.

      name one country that said “I loved assad, he was a great guy…right up until he used that gas….” there isn’t any.

      so for him, using gas isn’t exactly a gut wrenching problem that he would have to agonize over.

  11. ed357 says:

    Assad was winning…..

    Douma was surrounded and the US supported “rebels”…..think isis and alqueada….had given up….were offered a truce to surrender and leave….

    The US said we’re out of here…..then the “rebels” artillery strike Damascus….Assad conventional bombs them…….the “rebels” scream “gas”…..and off we go….

    Why would Assad gas his own when he had defeated the “rebels” and their biggest supporter….the US…..was leaving….???

    And it is about a natural gas pipeline……the US, Europe, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar want it it run one way… diminish Russian influence……while Russia, Syria, and Iran want it to run another way to preserve Russian influence…..

    Follow the money….it’s always about the money.

  12. Westcoastdeplorable says:

    The US gets so high and mighty about an ALLEGED use of chemical weapons, but then drones innocent wedding parties. We need to recall our troops from around the world, shut down the foreign bases, and build the damn wall to keep bad guys out! Instead what’s Trump do? Hires the biggest neocon of them all (Bolton), then attacks a country that didn’t attack us and wastes 160 million or so of our taxpayer money.

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