We all knew this anyway


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6 Responses to We all knew this anyway

  1. Aggie says:

    I’ve taught college kids and can tell you this is 100% true. Want to fix it?

    Require a year of National Service from all kids who graduate high school. Make it fun and not necessarily military. Include things similar to the CCC of yore, building infrastructure for recreational and educational use. Include foreign assignments, because you can never appreciate what you have at home until you see young children living in desperate circumstance, created by corrupted adult societies.

    The young are impressionable. Something like this would restore pride in the homeland and incidentally, do a hell of a lot of good for the country too.

  2. Djamer says:

    It’s called Idiocracy, and we our velocity toward it is accelerating exponentially.

  3. Padawan says:

    As someone who has spent the last eight years working at a college I can say no it isn’t. The cost of “higher” education is out of control and the “education” recieved isn’t worth the money paid for it. Where I work very few classes are taught in the student’s chosen field. Instead classes like College Life 101, Basic Reading/Writing 101, Basic Math 101, gender studies, Women’s “Issues” and the ridiculous are taught. Very little hands on classes are given. Since in invent of “online” course work students are expected to word-for-word vomit back everything the teacher indoctrinates them with. If you’re not a feminazi, “transgender,” a liberal/democrat, support Trump or the second amendment you’re ostracized and will often be failed from a class just because your opinion differs from your teacher’s opinion.

  4. wheels says:

    Back in 1983, the report “A Nation at Risk” noted that, “If an unfriendly foreign power had attempted to impose on America the mediocre educational performance that exists today, we might well have viewed it as an act of war.”

    This is just the continuation of the trend, as disappointing and horrifying as that fact is.

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