What the fuck?

It was 81 degrees here a couple days ago and today it’s… snowing. Not much, but it is snowing. Tomorrow’s supposed to be in the 60s, the next day in the 70s, but today it’s snowing.

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  1. Heathen says:

    Another reminder you aren’t in California anymore.

    Same thing here, it’ll warm up& stay that way eventually.

  2. Chish says:

    2 tornadoes touched down in the midlands of SC late yesterday with the usual winds and sideways rain. Saturday was spent outdoors in 80+ degree weather on the bike. So WTF is certainly in order…

  3. carolann says:

    Same here in SW Ohio…last week 80…as I type this…snowflakes outside my window… I’m tired of this…very very tired.

  4. rolldog says:

    Nebraska had a couple of 70 degree days last week and this weekend had to close I80 for a couple of hundred miles due to snow and high winds. Semi trucks and cars in the ditch all over the place. Anywhere from 1-10″ of snow fell plus ice. Setting records for the lowest “high” temperature. Expecting 60 tomorrow and possible snow on Wednesday and Saturday.

  5. Patrick Hooper says:

    Welcome to Mid-America. Better than Earthquakes, Hurricanes and Forrest Fires.

  6. crazyeighter says:

    Looks like someone missed a payment and Spring got repo’ed. T’was 35 degrees this morning East of Memfrica.

  7. Andrew says:

    Someone needs to shoot Al Gore.

    If for no other reason than he’s Al Gore.

  8. rayvet says:

    And here’s the thing about our Southern weather (Georgia here). Today, won’t hit 50 (it’s 43 now at lunch). Tonight, down into the thirties. Tomorrow it will hit 71 and on Wednesday 82. WTF indeed.

  9. Winston Smith says:

    Here’s why: https://abruptearthchanges.com/2018/01/14/climate-change-grand-solar-minimum-and-cosmic-rays/

    explains all the global warming bs away too.
    bottom line for those not motivated to read it: solar cycle determines depth of cosmic ray penetration into earth’s atmosphere which drives climate. expect lower lows and higher highs + overall more highly variable weather.

    • Heathen says:

      “Big Chill “——— Yeah,I finally read “The Last Centurion” this week.

      • Wirecutter says:

        Great book, wasn’t it?
        My little brother was in the army with John Ringo and still stays in sporadic touch with him.

        • Heathen says:

          Yeah it was all right, I think I like ‘Ghost’ and the rest of the ‘Paladin of the Shadows’ series better.

          The ‘Dark Tide Rising” books were good too.


          He is one of the authors I read whenever I see something of his I hadn’t read.
          Harry Turtledove is another.

          • Wirecutter says:

            I never have been into SciFi, so I’ve skipped the rest of his books.

            • Heathen says:

              I remember you mentioning that once. Ghost & the Paladin books aren’t Sci-Fi.

              • Wirecutter says:

                I’ll give them a shot, thanks.

                • Mike_C says:

                  The first books in a number of SF series (though not Ghost) are available on-line free from the publisher, Baen Books at:


                  In addition to the Free Library, many Ringo books (and those of other authors too) are available free, as ZIP archives of CDs) at:


                  To my knowledge this is with the knowledge and tacit blessing of Baen. (The TL;DR is that CDs containing earlier works in a series were distributed with the physical hardback book by Baen. Someone put these CDs on line, and Baen has not demanded that they be taken down.) Think of it as “the first hit’s free”.

                  Used to be that the 5th Imperium site let you download individual books in .rtf, .mobi, and other formats. Now you have to download the CD archive and extract what you want yourself.

  10. Nemo says:

    I’ve turn my central heat off sometime between the 15th and 20th of March for the last ten years or so. Not this year. We’ve had exactly one morning so far this year when the temp wasn’t below freezing around 6:00AM which is when I usually jar the floor in the AM. How’s that Globull Warming treatin’ ya?

  11. Tn Ed says:

    Welcome to Tennessee, if you don’t like weather wait an hour.

  12. nines says:

    It’s the same in the far north coast of California. Tropical fronts pushing in, with arctic weather doing the pushing. No sooner does the snow melt from the last blast than it’s back again. Today it’s 1inch above 2000 feet and 3 inches above 5000 feet. Down here at sea level it’s scattered showers and small hail. Last few weeks have been outright weird. Started with HEAVY rains that caused a bunch of slides and downed trees, and, I thought, putting an end to the snow on the Coastal Range, but now this tropic/arctic boogie ever since.. Strangest first month of spring in memory.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Two months ago they were crying about another California drought, then this morning I read that Tahoe has 400 inches of snow. In April, no less.

  13. Kristy Gen-X says:

    Corpus Christi had snow this past winter – second time in the past 10 years or so. Prior to that it has been over 100 years since it snowed. Should be wearing shorts and going barefooted in North Texas, but noooooo – we’re still layering. No wonder southerners are more hospitable than our Yankee cousins (half Yank myself, so I’m allowed) – getting pissed every time it gets cold and windy again.

  14. Elric says:

    18 inches of snow here in western Wisconsin over the weekend, average temp should be upper 50s instead of 20s….

    WTB Spring!

  15. ed357 says:

    Two “hummers” showed up Saturday about two (2) hours after I put the feeder out…..

    Monday morning saw 37 degrees in the ATL……I hope they stay warm.

  16. JB says:

    Same here, it’s like spring ain’t got the memo. I managed to mow once so far, had to wait till it dried out some, then mowed it a week ago Saturday in 43 degrees with a stiff north wind. Waitin’ for it to dry out again…
    Dammed ol’ Globull Warmin’…

  17. Richard Rix says:

    That be weird, but I am in Texas. Just another day.

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