Who could’ve seen that coming?

A new industry is thriving in California. It is green in terms of the money being made and the crop itself. Yet it is anything but that when it comes to the environment, posing horrendous ecological threats to the region’s redwood forests.

Lindgren Lumber and Humboldt Flakeboard are the newest additions to the Medical Marijuana Innovation Zone, an area in Arcata, California, zoned specifically for marijuana cultivation and processing. As businesses like Humboldt Harvest Wellness and Talking Tree Farms apply for the necessary permits to process cannabis in the former mill complex, it is evident that the cannabis business may restore the economy of redwood country.

But this new industry might also undermine the environmental activism that has long fought to preserve the redwoods as a natural resource.

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8 Responses to Who could’ve seen that coming?

  1. Peter B says:

    This article is also probably part of Big Weed’s PR effort.

    You see, big companies are better corporate citizens than those pesky small growers. The small growers were supposed to have a 5 year period to get up to legal snuff before the doors were opened to large corporate growers.


    By some fluke, the law turned out to have a “loophole.” Anybody who has ever followed California politics will no doubt be shocked to learn that ex-San Francisco Mayor and former Speaker of the California Assembly Willie Brown’s fingerprints are all over the “loophole” and its exploitation. Soros’, too.

  2. Allen says:

    All of california’s crops should be boycotted until they obey the constitution.

    • Andrew says:

      Heh. I see it now. “You’re in a state of revolt, using marijuana as a cash crop to pay for your revolt. Send in the defoliant!”

  3. SgtBob says:

    Fuck ’em. Earthquakes, fires, floods, landslides, poisoning the water…They deserve it all.

  4. GI-had Joe says:

    As a mid 80’s graduate of Humboldt State in Arcata, I can assure you that the growing and harvesting of Sensimilla has always been a booming business. It may have been clandestine, but it was a well known fact of life. That was during the early days of CAMP, Campaign Against Marijuana Planting. With the legalization of bud, the Redwood Curtain no longer protects those who once fled society. They just don’t get that yet.

    • Wirecutter says:

      CAMP… man, I can remember seeing signs in businesses in Mendocino and Humboldt Counties: We Do Not Serve CAMPers.
      They knew where their money came from. Businesses thrived from late September until the spring.

  5. Djamer says:

    I still had a bucket list dream of seeing the redwoods, but now California is so screwed I hope they all burn down and burn the liberals/communists and illegals all with them. . . Sadly!

  6. Freerangecitizen says:

    Legalization of marijuana in California is an absolute disaster for the Emerald triangle, but especially so for Humboldt county. They were all ready to rake in the cash with typically shit lib regulatory and taxation schemes but they shot the goose that laid the golden egg. After passing prop 64 the black market tanked and the whole economy with it. Restaurants, hardware stores, grocery stores, all reported a 30-70% loss of revenue with the graph trending downward. Mom&pop grows we’re immediatly excluded from the process because of the cost of compliance. Small farms that made it through the first set of hurdles are tapping out because the costs of endless environmental studies, archeological studies, consultants, lawyer fees, water board (2k/yr to use you your own water), road surveys, county permit, state license, and a unique and unprecedented agricultural tax arrangement that charges the farmer Before anything is planted with no regard for the outcome… hell or high water, or weather, wildfire, robbery etc.. having said that, none of the commentators are far off. It’s just a little more fuckery than the media lets on. It’s funny to watch the county fumble this knowing ever stick of construction and development since the collapse of the timber industry has been funded by pot. The politicians are just starting to acknowledge that.

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