Wolf pack kills calf in Plumas County California

Taylorsville >> A pack of wolves from the Lassen pack attacked a herd of cattle on a ranch near Taylorsville in Plumas County, fatally injuring a calf that was later put down after an investigation by authorities.

According to a report from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, on the evening of April 1, a cattle owner’s neighbors heard a commotion, which included the sounds of a calf bawling loudly. Using spotlights, the neighbors said they observed three wolves in the pasture and found the cattle tightly grouped. The responders honked a vehicle horn and shined a light on the wolves until they ran.

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4 Responses to Wolf pack kills calf in Plumas County California

  1. Andrew says:

    No way. My liberal tree-hugging socialist PETA-humping hippy friends all say that wolves would never attack cattle. Or dogs. Or cats. Or horses. Or sheep. Or people.

    Fuuuuck. If I was a rancher, well, me and Mr. Backhoe would be having way too much fun.

  2. STW says:

    Don’t forget to toss any tracking collar on the top of an out-of-state motor home.

  3. Stretch says:

    Move that pack to San Fran! They’ll do more to solve the homeless problem than the city government.

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