Yeah, good luck with that one, lady

Just days after the mayor of London, where stabbings have surged in recent years, tweeted that anyone caught with a knife “will feel the full force of the law,” a Texas mother who lost her son in a knife attack is taking action.

PJ Media reported Lori Brown said the suspect who allegedly attacked her son “should have not been allowed to have an illegal knife on him and use it to murder somebody.”

She is lobbying Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott for more restrictions on knives.


Fuck, they’d have to bring a trailer if they wanted to try to take my knives. I couldn’t even give you a ballpark figure as to how many I have laying around. Probably less than 40?  Hell, I’ve got 2 on me right now and one of them is a SOG switchblade – a great knife, by the way.
I know I’ve got at least a couple Ka-bars, an air force survival knife, a Ka-bar John Ek dagger, a Cold Steel Laredo Bowie, 2-3 skinning knives and probably a couple more I’m overlooking only because I haven’t run across them lately. Those are just the fixed blade knives.
As far as folders goes….. shee-it. I bet between the house, the truck and the sheds I could probably scrape up 20-25 folders. I’ve got a few that are sentimental gifts and I’ve never carried, but must of them were knives that I carried and used right up until I found something better or shinier.
And then there’s the couple that I retired – I’ve got a Buck 110 that I owned for 10 years. It’s been sharpened so many times it looks like a filet knife. I replaced it with a new 110 which I still have laying around here somewhere.
It’s not that I have a thing about knives, it’s just that most knives have a specific purpose, like the skinning knives. It’s one of those ‘you can do a better job better with a box wrench so why use a crescent wrench’ type of deals, right? That’s most of the reason why over the past 30-40 years I’ve accumulated a lot of knives and I think most men my age are the same way.

And don’t get me started on multi-tools. Fuck me running, for about 4 years my father bought me multi-tools for my birthday and Christmas. I don’t know if he just forgot that he’d already bought me 7 or what, but I’ve got 8 of those motherfuckers. One in the truck, one in my git kit, one in my pack, a couple in my tackleboxes… the thing is, I already had one of the Gerber models that I was perfectly happy with. I like Gerbers because the tools are opened from inside the handle and you can just pop the pliers jaws out with a snap of your wrist. Check it out – I’m still wearing the same Gerber. And I’ve got 8 barely used Leathermans/whatever laying around.

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33 Responses to Yeah, good luck with that one, lady

  1. Upriverdavid says:

    Shoot..I have a couple of steak knives…Are they outlawed?..How about my plastic knives?
    Ever try to cut some meat with one of them?..By the way, I am a predatory carnivore…
    I do not eat veggies, cept for corn on the cob..potatoes…and carrots in a slow cooked pot roast.
    Dang..I better head to the store tomorrow for a roast….
    Who knew reading Kenny’s wisdom would make me Hungry….

  2. Andrew says:

    There are days when I wonder about my wife, as she gleefully cleans and sorts and plays with her 43 knives she has on the side of her bed. Mostly folders, but a nice little stiletto dagger, and two fine dive knives that she found snorkeling.

    No room to talk, because I have a whole toolbelt full of folders, fixed blades, combo-tools and such that doesn’t include the basket next to my head that has 4 folders in it, one which is I carry everywhere, not to mention the survival tools on my keychain and the little plastic and metal folding knife that is in my wallet (that is just perfect for slicing coupons out of sales flyers so I buy cheap stuff on sale.) And the tub in the back room with a few other edged weapons of the axe family, or the sword (yeah, a sword, but a good European broad sword of good quality) and a couple daggers and my father’s pilot knife from the AF and a Kabar he bought cheap at an army surplus store back in the 50’s. Oh, the backpack with the knife set for dressing an animal along with a hatchet and a saw (just in case I ever fucking get to go hunting and actually shoot something.)

    And the knife drawer in the kitchen, which one of my friends thinks is a tad-bit overkill (8 knives of good quality of various sizes) not to mention the knife block.

    Knife fetish? Don’t know what you’re talking about. Nope. Not at all.

  3. Skip says:

    Damn Ken, you got me beat to shit. I prolly only got like ten blades. Spyderco I carry, skinners, bone knives, Arky pigsticker, and a coupla bayonets.

  4. dilligaf says:

    the one handed wrist flick open keeps me going gerber.

  5. H says:

    Quoting Captain Red Legs on when enough is enough:

  6. Bill says:

    Knifes, sharp pointy things, stuff that goes bang. It’s just a prehistoric lizard brain guy thing, we can’t help ourselves……Unless your one a them beta, snowflake, feminized pussy guys ya know!!

  7. Tsquared says:

    I am the same with knives. I have 2 skinning knives. One is a 3.75″ blade with a heavy curve to the blade, I quit using it when I got the second one in the early 80’s. The other skinning knife is a Wyoming knife with a replaceable blade. My EDC knife is a Benchmade auto I got as an issue item when I went to Kuwait on a Southern Watch mission that turned into Iraqi Freedom.

  8. Winston Smith says:

    I don’t consider myself a knife guy- I actually find them boring when I think about them. But I am certain I have over 100 if you count folders. Damn things just seem to reproduce in drawers around here. And that doesn’t count kitchen knives like the Brits do. I’ve even started to try thinning the herd lately, selling the older Fudd folders on ebay.
    They’re just tools to me.

  9. Twostrokejunkie says:

    I thought you said you had alot of knives? I aint a collector or anything, but when i see a nice folder i havent seen before, or its a different size, i just get it. I have five i carry. You know, a folder, a multi, and a fixed on me at all times. I work after all. Plus another in my lunchbox, plus prolly five to ten each in my tool boxes, truck boxes, truck, atv, utv, camp and each of the sheds. And i use all of them. Prolly handle 100 per week, not including locking razor knives. Seems like between property maintenance, fishing, and hunting, and general food prep, you better have some good quality steel or some sharp ass teeth. Now how many stones and other sharpening systems you got? I have at least 20 different tools and stones for that job. But i only got the one fishing pole. Lol.

  10. Al says:

    I think she might be better off trying to outlaw cars!

  11. Steve says:

    “should have not been allowed to have an illegal knife on him…”
    That’s the statement that bothers me. What is an illegal knife?
    I know some states have laws that state you can’t have a certain length of blade on your person. But, come on, lets get real.
    Back in Wisconsin about 15 years ago one of the aboriginal tribes boys killed his brother with a butter knife! They were drinking and playing cards when something was said. The fella grabbed the butter knife on the table and slammed it into his brother’s shoulder/throat area. Went deep enough, it cut his aorta and the dude bled out.
    So this whole argument about weapons and the need to make them illegal and this will avoid killings……seesh, the weenie left really doesn’t have a grasp of reality.


  12. SAM says:

    “Should have not been allowed to have an illegal knife on him and use it to murder somebody.” he wasn’t but he still did.

  13. Padawan says:

    My ex has a domestic violence level assault charge on his criminal record. He’s legally not allowed to own a gun so he’s constantly ordering knives, swords, throwing stars/knives etc. off of some discount website he found.

  14. BiblicalViolence says:

    Just get a Daniel Winkler Belt Knife. Curly Maple. It’ll be the last knife you need, if anything happens to it, Winkler will fix it for the life of his buisness. Mine has been on my waist everyday for years, I don’t regret giving up “collecting”. KaBar, Cold Steel, Kanetsune, SOG, etc, even some Benchmade folders, have a 1st generation Cold Steel Gunsite folder; the Winkler took the place of all of them (they’re all stuffed in a big duffle).

    Testament to the knife itself: it’s taken EVERYTHING I’ve thrown at it. Skinning, quartering, baton’ing kindling, feather sticks (all of this spanning all conditions in all seasons), compromising tires, the “crusher” works VERY well for bone, sheet metal, glass, drywall, poor fuckers feelings, and cashews/nuts. I can count on one hand the times I’ve had to resharpen using more than a leather strop. The handle ages well, lightening with more use, the little dings and scratches adds to it’s “been there, done that” story. The blade is gun coated, has taken a nice patina. The sheath, made like a kydex holster (pancaked) with leather on the outside has never failed, never loosened and the felt interior helps keep it nice overall (and quiet).

    And yes, they’re expensive as fuck but also nice as fuck and a awesome Investment(!) as far as a premium tool goes. It’s something I see a father handing down to his son, then his own son etc. They’re that nice.

    • Skipperdaddy says:

      Thanks alot, now I gotta get one of them.

    • PoppaGary says:

      That sounds like a great knife, but I would have to disagree with your opinion about it being the last knife you would need, at least for me and, I think, many others.
      Knives are like guns and any other tool, there are different designs\styles based on the task at hand and while there are some good all-around knives, using one designed for the job is usually a lot better choice.

      And yes, I have 20 or 30 myself, including a sword and a couple of bayonets (and not even counting the bayonets on my rifles either!)

      I do agree it make sense to purchase a good quality knife, whatever your style.

  15. Roger says:

    Trusted tools that you don’t leave home without. A medium sized Swiss Army knife, a 3″ Spyderco folder, a Streamlight 2aa light & concealed firearm. The firearms may change due to concealment needs or the days plans, but the knives & light never change. Always in the same pockets, never changing.

  16. Exile1981 says:

    A couple years back I hit an auction for a store that went bankrupt store. I picked up a display unit with 100 identical 2″ blade folding knives. I paid $30 for the lot of them. Very sharp little guys. I’m saving for future need.

    Add in all my personal use knives and my butcher set up.

    I think all the weight of knives are holding the house from blowing away.

  17. STxRynn says:

    We had illegal knives in Texas up until this year. The legislature just removed those antique laws January first. Now, if you can carry it, you can carry it. I’ve seen lots of 4-5 inch fixed blades in scabbards around since.

  18. STW says:

    Buck Knives had a factory sale in LaMesa (?) Before their move to Idaho. It was a bit embarrassing but made for a nice surplus for stashing in spots where they’ll be handy. The titanium handled 110 is particularly interesting.

  19. Trib says:

    What is next cast iron skillets?

    • Andrew says:

      Shit, my wife’s ex-dentist had his head turned into a puddle with a cast iron skillet from his wife’s lesbian girlfriend. She (the lesbian girlfriend) was hitting him with the bottom part, and hit him so bad that the bottom popped out and was above the rim.

      Now, every time I use my cast iron, I think of… murder. Not really. I usually think of bacon, fried chicken, fried okra, cornbread, and other tasty tasty food. Mmmmm. Baaaaaccccoooon. I think I’ll leave this page now and go make some.

  20. truthzzzz says:

    — What is next cast iron skillets? —

    HEY! I got those!!!

    I have some other decent knives. Work knives. cutlery. Some very old bayonets. Auction inexpensive acquisitions, some in hodge podge buys. And I got over it all by buying one of those cable TV and internet ferrin mass sales. So I have a couple of smaller boxes of knives that are better than butter knives. Rather better. i can destroy them and just pull out a new one. All that for less than one real quality knife that I know some people buy.

    • Andrew says:

      My favorite knife right now is one from the NRA, while my second favorite is one from Lowes. Why? Well, they fit nice in my hand, open well, are sharp, and if I lose one, I won’t be pissed about losing serious coinage.

      I mean, every 4 years or so I buy about 6-10 measuring tapes, and within 2 years I am down to one. Some people have underwear gnomes, I have measuring tape gnomes following me around, the bastards.

  21. warhorse says:

    in NH there are no restrictions on knives. carry whatever you like..knives, swords, automatics..hell walk down the street with a two-handed sword on your back.

    for some reason one of the few restrictions in NH is fake claymore mines.

  22. Skipperdaddy says:

    I’m a knife junkie since I was a wee lad. Me and my Dad and my Papaw trading all the time. I find them all the time in different boxes and get all happy again as when I first got them. Been on a neck knife kick lately, working on my paracord skills. It amazes me how people walk around without a knife on them. Well for that matter a gun too. We have reached critical mass when you can’t get some goddamn hashbrowns scattered and smothered without some dickwad fucking up your morning coffee.

  23. Greg says:

    Had SO many knives all my life! My collection is around 50 I guess. Just picked up a new SOG a couple days ago. A really nice Knife called the Fielder. Love the feel of it and the wood handles. Always a cool feeling when ya get a new Knife!!

  24. C.R. says:

    A man isnt ready for the day without a knife or two tucked away , and then you have to have a way to k keep them sharp , thats a whole ‘nother subject ! learning to sharpen a blade freehand took a while

  25. Drew in Michigan says:

    WC, if your interested? Send that 110 in to Buck, they will replace the blade and spring, free of charge. Just get it to them.
    I have a 110, 112 & a 119, the 110 needed a new spring to keep it closed, they replaced the spring & the blade, the 112 & 119 had the tips snapped off, blade replaced on the 112 and the 119 they sent me a brand new blade…dam love a company that stand behind there products. Total cost 12 dollars usps shipping.

    My father in law before he passed gave me a folding Ka-bar with 2 blades, I get a chance I’ll snap a pic a email to ya. Sweet blade.

  26. anonymous says:

    No way that is going to work in Texas, law or not. I’m a knife fanatic myself. Useful tools for every day use – nothing wrong with that. Gerber Sportsmans for carry ease, Silver Knights if I want to impress with ‘sophisticated taste’, lol. Bucks – Kershaws (damn good for the money paid !) vintage German Eyes, and SCHRADE OLD TIMERS (USA – not China!). Hell, I have at least four Sharp Fingers, about as handy a woods knife they made.

  27. Sanders says:

    I reckon she’d really have a conniption fit over my 14″ Old Hickory butcher knife.

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