Chasing the ball

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  1. bocopro says:

    Got an Aussie Shepherd. Great dog. Smart, affectionate, responsive, fun. But the sonofabitch bites me when I pull my work wagon around or push my lawn mower or ride my bike. Goes for the groin, too.

    Can’t have him outside when I’m movin anything with wheels (‘cept the car or truck, which he LOVES to ride in). He’s never actually brought blood, but he knows where the sensitive areas are, fer shure, and has made holes in 3 or 4 pairs of Wranglers. Ripped the back patch pocket off one pair.

    Also attacks me when I grab my wife and pat her on the butt. Sees it as a threat to his “mama,” I guess, and goes for either the offending hand or my crotch.

    He’s my buddy, but he can be SUCH an asshole sometimes.

  2. Hillbilly says:

    We had a heeler like that too, now we have a rottweiler puppy, six months. Smart dog, smarter than my wife. The German command for heel is fooss, the command to bite is faus. Need I say more?

  3. Gryphon says:

    Soon after I got Him, My Horse tried to Bite My Junk… My Knuckles and His Nose were Bloody, but since then He’s limited showing Displeasure with a Well-Timed Head-Butt to the Back.. Good Animals want and Need ‘limits’ to be set, then everyone gets along Fine.

  4. Storyteller says:

    Knew a K-9 handler who had a tennis ball and jock strap set up to wear over the attack suit. His dog was trained to “get the ball”. Worked with him in practice. ONCE. Damn dog had bad eyesight.

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