Conclusive proof of multiple shooters firing simultaneously at Route 91 Harvest Music Festival

LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHUB) — As you may already know, according to the FBI’s official narrative regarding the 1 October shooting, the massacre was carried out by a lone wolf shooter named Stephen Paddock from his 32nd-floor Mandalay Bay suite. However, the official narrative fed to the American people by the government couldn’t be further from the truth as irrefutable proof of two shooters has now surfaced, blowing the lid off the FBI, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, and mainstream media’s can of lies which they force fed to the public.

At 4:00 into the following video which was captured as the shooting took place you can distinctly hear a what appears to be a light machine gun firing approximately 100 rounds in the distance at the exact same time a 10 round fully automatic burst of gunfire can be heard near or within the venue in the foreground.


I have to admit, if the video hasn’t been tampered with, it sounds pretty damned convincing to me.

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15 Responses to Conclusive proof of multiple shooters firing simultaneously at Route 91 Harvest Music Festival

  1. Macko says:

    Could the short burst be impacts? Did any of the cops return fire?

  2. Bob M says:

    The spacing/timing between the supposed two weapons seems (to me) to be in sync.There is the lower/heavier pitched sound of the first weapon firing, followed by the intermittent higher/sharper sound of the supposed second weapon joining in.

    To me, the louder sounds of a second weapon firing could be the sounds of the bullets of the first weapon impacting a metallic surface in the target area. These impact sounds are not one-for-one, since the shooter is apparently sweeping his muzzle back and forth.

    Each time the shooter sweeps past this possible metallic surface, you hear the impact of several rounds, sounding a lot like a second gun.

    My opinion only.

    • Shell says:

      You’re thinking along the same lines as me on this, Bob. It’s not just at 4:00 but at every point firing can be heard.

  3. singlestack says:

    In the video you posted of the guy flipping off the shooter, the camera is pointed at the building briefly. What appear to be muzzle flashes can be seen at a point near the ground and near the center of the building.

  4. warhorse says:

    that DCclothesline tried to say the “other shooter” was in a helicopter too. they saw a car with a sticker on the back from a helicopter squadron in a parking lot near the site months later too! and then a helicopter flew overhead! PROOF! or something.

    simple enough. map the victims where they fell. it should look like the “beaten zone” from any army manual. if it looks like more than one beaten zone, there was more than one shooter or the same shooter fired from more than one place. problem solved.

  5. No One says:

    We will never know. If you distrust the authoritative account, you should distrust every account where you cannot validate the authenticity of the record yourself. I’m at that place where I know the government lies, usually to cover up incompetence or petty crimes. I know the news media lies, to further their own agendas. I know most of the Internet is stuff guys just make up for amusement, click-bait and attention whoring. So outside of what I can personally verify to be true, I believe nothing.

  6. Twostrokejunkie says:

    Theres a video out there where you can see a shooter in the crowd wearing a yellow security vest shooting an ak.

  7. Ray says:

    I hear 10 to 30 and 50 round + strings of fire from more than one shooter. The “Crack / Thump” is the sound everyone is hearing. The crack is the sound made by the super sonic bullet going past the recording device. The much softer “thump” is the sound of the weapon firing. The gap between the two is the range. The audio observer is double counting. A common rooky error . I hear two weapons. The first at +200 meters and the second much further out at + 400 meters. The sound behind the audio recorder doesn’t sound like a weapon to me. It sounds like bullet impact into black top .

  8. Sanders says:

    There was a better video than that recorded by a taxi driver. You could hear what sounded like a 7.62mm machinegun and some smaller caliber (probably the .223) in volley fire. They weren’t echoes, either.

  9. Winston Smith says:

    Didn’t follow the link, but echoes do weird things and that area is absolutely full of things that generate multiple echoes. If this is so, someone with scientific experience and hi$ equipment will come out with an analysis.
    Unless the clintoons are behind it, in which case……….well you all know how that ends.

  10. nwoldude says:

    This one will end as clearly as JFK and 911.

  11. John Deaux says:

    So the cops on scene says no broken windows in the released videos. Lies, lies and more damn lies

  12. Cynikal says:

    I think a lot of people get the crack/boom of the signatures messed up. Get shot at for a while you will understand. This is possible but I am still 50/50 on the whole thing. I do think he was running guns and got messed up in some he could not get out of.

  13. Gryphon says:

    Not Sure if it can still be found, but I saw an article a few Days after the ‘incident’ that the FAA Air Traffic Radar Records showed a Helicopter landing on the Roof of one of the Hotels for about a Minute, after the Shooting stopped. Claim was made that this Aircraft was showing a Transponder Identity of a Southwest Airlines 2-Engine Jet… this Programming has to be done with the Device on the Bench; it is NOT the ‘Controller’s Code’ that a Pilot is asked to Dial In from the Panel.

    If this were ‘true’, it would have taken 1 Day at Most to have Found the Perps.

    And Yeah, I’ve listened to 3 or 4 Audios, and can Clearly Hear a 7.62 Belt-Fed in Action. Sounds Just Like the one a Friend of Mine has.

  14. singlestack says:

    Here is a supposed picture of the dead body of Stephen Paddock. Note that the cartridge cases are on top of the blood, and not covered with blood. This man was dead before the shooting started.

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