Damn, that’s a long burn

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  1. Lord of the Fleas says:

    Not to mention the *distance* that ricochet travelled.

    (I guess that’s why your local range doesn’t use rock for the butts …)

  2. Mike says:

    When I was in basic training in 1971 at Ft Polk, LA, we had night fire training using tracers on one of the 400 meter ranges. I couldn’t believe how far and at what angles the bullets bounced. The night finished up by setting the woods on fire and we were all issued gunny sacks we soaked in water to beat the flames out. The Army was always right on the ball.

  3. Ryan says:

    Tracer burn out for 7.62×51 is 800 meters. I suppose it is considerably longer for 50 BMG.

    Also there is a reason minimum safe distances, even for mundane handgun calibers are quite long. Bullets go a long way.

  4. Irish says:

    Here is the video :)

  5. Winston Smith says:

    If you have never been to a Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot, you must do so once in your life. Its like Mecca for shooters.
    Stay for the Saturday night tracer shoot and marvel that no one on the firing line is killed from ricochets.

    I have personally witnessed 2 into the crowd. The first was shrapnel to the jaw of an asshole who stepped in front of another guy (serves him right) and the second almost ripped a camcorder (rem those?) from the hands of a guy who was holding it over his head filming. The obvious bullet track ripped thru the top, destroying the mic and upper body of the camcorder. When I watch a shoot, I find the biggest fattest fucker I can and stand with him between me and the line- plenty of explosions to see above the heads of the crowd.

  6. Elmo says:

    Saw a YouTube video a couple of years ago of some guys shooting steel plates at maybe 3-400 yards, when a ricochet came back and took off the shooter’s hearing protection. The last thing you could hear was “No more steel targets”.

  7. Ray Minchew says:

    On the range at night in Grafenwehr, I’d watch the light show when another M60A1 let loose with its cupola .50 cal. The ricochets traveled seemingly forever. A BMG round will go through your entire neighborhood and then bounce around through two nearby neighborhoods. Badass freakin’ rounds those things are.

  8. Read E.B. Sledge’s ‘With the Old Breed’ about the Battle of Okinawa. One passage relates machine gun tracer rounds fired into attacking Japanese troops and the crazy angles they would take after hitting bone and probably gear.

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