Don’t want none don’t start none


If you get stupid enough to get yourself physically thrown out of a bar, don’t cry like a little bitch when it happens.
This article HERE describes what allegedly happened but I think there’s more to it than that.

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  1. Tom says:

    Ya know, I wandered into a Somali restaurant in Atlanta and felt the hateful stares on this gringo. First thought was that I wasnt wanted and I could get hurt. I stayed with that thought and left.

  2. warhorse says:

    someone who works at a bar wants you out, get out. find another bar.

    millington,TN 1990 I went into a bar just to get a cold soda and rest up a bit. I was 19. they carded me…I thought it was odd, buying a coke, but whatever…

    the bartender says “you from noo hampsha? we don’t serve no yankees in here. you get out!” I didn’t make a fuss about it, I left. plenty of other places to get a cold coke and plant my butt for a few minutes. I made sure to tell my friends on base that particular bar didn’t serve anyone but southerners. they were closed inside of a month.

    • Tennessee Budd says:

      I was at NATTC Millington in ’89 for avionics “A” school, May to December. I was a foreigner, too, but at least I was from Tennessee.
      (Most Tennesseans don’t consider anythng around Shelby county to be part of our state; it’s some weird conglomeration of North Mississippi and East Arkansas.)

  3. Jeremy says:

    “Crying Like a Bitch” –

  4. CC says:

    Putz, when I lived in SoCal, most of the fags congregated further down PCH in Laguna Beach – more of the artsy-fartsy environment they prefer.
    Maybe he was just being encouraged to move on.

  5. rick says:

    Working construction, heavy rains, I went to the bar. In walks some scrawny guy dressed like Hopalong Cassidy wannabe, big Bowie knife, spurs, the whole gamut. He jingle jangles over to grab a stool between two cowboys. I don’t know what was said or done but it was about two seconds later that Mr. Hollywood was knocked off his stool, laid out flat, staring at the ceiling. He got laughed right out of there pronto.

    This crybaby in the video reminds me of that. I’d be standing over him laughing and laughing, listening to him squeal, leave me alone, you don’t understand.

  6. H B Munro says:

    When you see that you will get you arm busted in two places…. Best keep them out of those places

  7. Mike_C says:

    Huh. There used to be a “lesbian cafe” (not marked as such) in Cambridge, MA near MIT. I was told by several persons that the patrons would literally hiss at any man who walked into the place, and that included men who were accompanied by women. Guess what, I stayed out of there. Got no need to go where I’m not wanted.

    A progressive/vegetarian restaurant in Montpelier, VT made a point of not serving the girlfriend and me, which was kind of funny since you’d think we checked most of the “good” boxes for them: interracial couple (with white woman, yet, just like the good little globalists want); we arrived in a Subaru wagon even; we sort of looked like hippies (okay, tactical hippies) and I had hair down to my waist (ponytail, but still), and so forth. They seated us then made a point of not taking our orders while those all around us, who came in later, were served. We had a good laugh over that as we walked out, and figured that what set them off was that while waiting in line we had rolled our eyes at a flyer, promoting some sort of “meet a black person and confess your guilt” event or similar bullshit. A sneer and mocking comment may also have been made ;-)
    (Incidentally, “meet a black person” is not QUITE as stupid as it sounds, seeing as VT is over 95% white even now — and was even whiter back then.)

    So I get the strong feeling that those three men (from the second video, which I saw first, I honestly was puzzled if that was a man or woman blubbering on the sidewalk) didn’t get kicked out JUST for being homosexuals. Call it a wild guess. Besides, why in hell would you eat or drink ANYTHING in a place where you clearly are not wanted?

  8. putz says:

    Having a hard time believing that a bar in Newport Beach in CA refuses to serve gay guys. Maybe gay guys who are total assholes but my guess is that a place like that does a pretty steady gay population business. Also…if you are 30 and get tossed on a sidewalk and cry like a bitch…you need to step you game up a little.

  9. Judy says:

    I worked in a bar for several years. You have to do some really stupid shit to get physically thrown out of one.

  10. Mike_C says:

    Update. The three men are suing for $3 million. The link features an interview with the alleged victims. Watch it, but on an empty stomach. Suffice it to say that the whimpering on the sidewalk was NOT out of character for the little fellow. Alas.

    I’m gonna go out on a limb here, but any culture where males (regardless of who you care to screw recreationally) behave like this weepy little fella, and are praised for it rather than mocked, well, that culture is a) doomed, b) doesn’t deserve to survive anyway.

  11. Mike says:

    A total set-up by the gays.

  12. FrankP says:

    I’ve worked in restaurants and bars. Don’t eat or drink anywhere you aren’t welcome. The things they will do to your food and drink are disgusting.

  13. Lofty says:

    That’s some funny shit right there.
    I am still chuckling.

  14. Ryan says:

    If they ask you to leave you leave. Makes things simple and easy.

    On one hand gay men don’t seem like fight the bouncer types and on the other that doesn’t seem like a place where they get away with roughing up customers.

    I am really curious what happened inside the restaurant/ bar leading up to that. I think the blame could be identified there.

    I suspect that while the restaurant/ bar could have handled things better (call the cops and trespass them all) they probably asked the guys to leave and they refused.

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