Fisherman’s Last Stand

It sounded like a plane crash, a shuddering boom and scraping of metal as the Fisherman’s Provider II rammed up on Frying Pan Shoal, a lurking hunk of rock in the Atlantic Ocean, about two kilometres off Canso, N.S. The boat had pulled away from the wharf of the historic fishing village just a few hours before, geared up for a four- or five-day trip of catching halibut.

Now she was in trouble. Stuck fast, while her crew — Roy Campbell, Anthony Cooke and Brian Sinclair —were panicking. The three men had been in their bunks and were jolted awake upon impact. A quick survey of the area below-deck suggested the fish hold — where the fresh catch gets stored on ice —might have been breached. The men wrestled into their survival suits, deploying the life raft, calling 911 and hollering for their captain, Roger Lynn Stoddard, to forget about the damn boat, put his suit on, get in the raft and come with them.

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12 Responses to Fisherman’s Last Stand

  1. Mike G. says:

    Canada. Just as messed-up as England.

    • Brother Antony says:

      No, it is not, it is sad, That man had nothing left to live for but his boat and his work – with his boat obviously gone that was, for him, the end of his time on earth, and although the article does not state the cause of death any compassionate human being could deduce the reality of his passing without having to know anything more.

      • Mike G. says:

        Sad, hell. Nobody in the whole story did the first correct thing, until the guys went out to collect the body.
        1. The skipper runs onto a rock right outside his home port. A rock right off a point of land AND a lighthouse.
        2. The buddies don’t tell skipper that he can try to motor her off for as long as it takes them to get the raft in the water, then he’s coming off whether he wants to or not.
        3. The Coast Guard shows up 4 hours later, and asks “So, did he want to be rescued, eh?”
        4. The buddies tell the Coast Guard he didn’t want to be rescued. (This wins the medal for this round of Canuckedness.
        5. The RCMP chooses not to get their feet wet.
        6. The skipper chooses to say “goodbye cruel world” without telling anybody, so 6 more guys can risk their safety on his behalf.

  2. SgtBob says:

    Those fisher people be crazy.

  3. B says:

    Sounds like he chose his way out.

  4. Winston Smith says:

    Site protected by Ad Firewall and I’m just not motivated enough to break it today. Fuck Em.

  5. Hillbilly says:

    I learned a valuable lesson, 1, always keep the keys to the lifeboat in front right pocket.
    2, Fuck add block.

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