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LANTANA — A Lantana-area man said he bit his 2-year-old dog’s ear in an attempt to “establish dominance,” Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office records show.

Patrick Shurod Campbell, 27, was arrested on charges of aggravated animal cruelty at about 1:15 a.m. Thursday.

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6 Responses to Florida News

  1. Twostrokejunkie says:

    My first dog was a biter. She’d bite me, i’d bite her right back on her ear. One week and she got the point. Only wish i had started sooner.

  2. anthony kingsford says:

    Biting ears,well come try it with my Kangols,your arse will be ripped off.

  3. hey!@luis says:

    should of tried licking the dogs balls

  4. Andrew says:

    This works on puppies and kittens who play too rough. It is the exact same thing the parent dog or cat does, and we are just surrogate parents to the dog or cat.

    Been an accepted tactic for years and years. Not the best tactic, but sometimes a small amount of pain can be very instructional.

    Like the technique to stop a dog from mouthing your hand. Sure, you can try that whole ‘No, treat’ system, but some dogs just don’t get it until you cram your hand down their throat, damn the pain it causes you.

    And do this with babies and youngsters. By the time the animal is a teen or adult, well, just as with humans, it is too late to reprogram.

  5. This dude lives 15 minutes from my house. You are having a field day on fucked up Florida. I might have to start a Tennessee newscast hehehe. Stay well.

  6. Bacon says:

    I always bit my dog on top of the nose, the ear is too sensitive.

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