German official wants to target outside online anti-Semitism

BERLIN (AP) — A senior German official reportedly wants authorities to prosecute anti-Semitic hate speech posted online, even if the material is hosted abroad.

Bavaria’s justice minister told weekly Welt am Sonntag that he plans to propose a change in the law when he meets with counterparts from Germany’s other 15 states next month.

Also from WiscoDave:

Sounds “interesting” but there is this part:

… punishing those who spread anti-Semitism and other forms of hate speech online.

Wonder how that ties into the mention the other day from UK about policing online “hate” speech?

Not a big fan of seemingly random coincidences.

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14 Responses to German official wants to target outside online anti-Semitism

  1. Winston Smith says:

    Hey Germany! Hey you UK pussies!
    FUCK THE JEWS!!!!!!
    I’ll say whatever I GD well want in my FREE country.
    How much longer are once free ‘men’ going to put up with this shit?

  2. nwoldude says:

    When they/we hear the chains rattling.

  3. RegularGuy says:

    Could be implemented under the guise of a “treaty” which as we well know, the Constitution upholds as it being “the law of the land “. If club Fed is cool with it, then maybe not extradition to Germany or Bavaria but probably a fine placed here. If you don’t fork out the cash, then it’s jail; depending on your level of resistance, maiming or death could be obliged by your local LEO.
    “But but but the 1st amendment!” Yeah, and? We have a 2nd but how well has that been conserved? ATF anyone? Tax stamps, liscences, fees, regulations etc.
    On the macro level, I see this going the way of considering any/all “speech” critical of matters contrary to Gov will to be considered “extremist”. A dark and deep rabbit hole indeed.

    • Wirecutter says:

      How about the treaty concerning copyrights? I’ve had to pony up a couple times for using copyrighted material and every one of them came from Europe and no, they don’t hesitate to turn you over to bill collectors if you tell them to fuck off.

      • RegularGuy says:

        Great, and also terrible, point. Begs the question: “How free are we, really?”.

        • Wirecutter says:

          Unfortunately, we’re only as free as they allow us to be.

          • Carl says:

            We’re only as free as we INSIST on being.

            • Wirecutter says:

              We can insist as much as we want but how much good does that do us? Until we, as a Nation, rise up and say “No More” we’re going to continue to suck ass.
              And you can forget about rising up seeing as half the population of the US sides with the politicians.

              • pigpen51 says:

                It can be discouraging, Wirecutter. But remember, the American Revolution was fought with something like 3% of the population, and they did pretty well. Rising up as a fighting force at this point is most likely not going to happen, and probably won’t be all that useful. But we can’t stop the fight for the hearts and minds of those who do not yet support us. If true patriots give up, then where does that leave this once great nation? Remember, we stand on the shoulders of giants.

  4. Nemo says:

    … then they wonder why Europe is being relegated to the dustbin of history. I also wonder if they’re going to enforce this against everyone or just Christians.

    Fuck You Germany and the UK and all of the sand niggers you import from third world shit holes who go on to rape your women and children and and kill people at random while your police DO NOTHING.

    Just remember one thing you fearless defenders of speech that offends your delicate sensibilities, the USA is one of the few country’s left in the world that has the right to armed self defense written into our Constitution.

    So COME GET SOME you bunch of pansy assed excuses for anything resembling a Democracy while the white women in your country’s are getting ass raped and murdered by the lowest of the spawn from sand nigger and regular nigger heaven.

    Let’s see how enforcing your pussy assed speech laws works out for you on this side of the pond.

  5. ChuckN says:

    Something tells me that, like in the UK, all muslims making such comments will be exempt from the ruling. And also like the UK, anyone making comments about muslims or pointing out the hypocrisy of the German state in refusing to go after muslim anti-semites will bear the full brunt.

  6. (((Doc B))) says:

    I got your back Wirecutter……I know all the good Jew jokes.

  7. Brian P says:

    Here we are, for any enterprising web surfers:
    Google can translate it

    @WBausback on twitter.

    And the Bavarian Ministry of Justice.

  8. Bacon says:

    This is mere virtue signaling. Europe has always been among the most anti-Semitic places on Earth. The Germans were among the most anti-Semitic of the Europeans long before the atrocities of WWII, and they remain among the most anti-Semitic Europeans today. All of this gets buried and hidden under the German propensity towards outward displays of tolerance.

    (I should probably note that I define anti-Semitism differently than most of you. IMHO, most people misunderstand the nature of anti-Semitism, and the nature of hate in general. Many attitudes are so deeply ingrained that they become barely perceptible to the individual holding them, unless something causes them to bubble up to the surface. All part of the Plan.)

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