Got his Airport Shirt on

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  1. POd American says:

    The hell it ain’t.

  2. California southpaw says:

    “Notice Me” Hey, if that’s your thing instead of just getting shit done in life, go for it. Less attention on me. Ni#@ers come in all shades.

  3. Chuck Castagnolo says:

    Had the full pat down on my way back from Florida. The TSA agent was so apologetic. He explained everything he was going to do as he did it apologizing the whole time. I tried to reassure him telling him he was just keeping us safe. They don’t like doing that either.

    • AndyN says:

      In 2015 DHS test teams were able to get weapons and explosives through TSA screening on 67 out of 70 attempts. Unless things have improved dramatically, and since it’s a government program there’s no realistic hope that they have, they’re not keeping us safe.

      Also in 2015, two TSA agents were fired for manipulating screening equipment to give themselves an excuse to pull hot guys out of the line to pat down. So yeah, some of them really like doing it.

    • Bacon says:

      Except that they’re NOT “just keeping us safe”. Let them continue to apologize, not that it means much.

    • Mike_C says:

      I’m assuming that is sarcasm and master-level trolling. But I’ll bite on the off chance that you’re serious:
      1. If the apologetic TSA officer feels soooo bad about his stupid and useless job, then maybe he should quit and find honest employment;
      2. “Keeping us safe” my ass. Apart from being a jobs program for the obese and underintelligent, the other purpose of the TSA is to get all of us accustomed to pointless and futile invasions of privacy, and to put up with not only personally being groped, but watching our women and children being groped.

      I routinely fly through DTW (think Dearbornistan, and now Hamtramckistan — Poletown is no more). I have NEVER seen them pat down or otherwise search anyone in “traditional Muslim dress”. Never. Nor do the women go through the millimeter-wave “naked” scanner. And they are not patted down either, because “against muh religion of peace, man!” And “racism!” and “Islamophobia!” Other frequent travelers corroborate this, including a very attractive Texas woman (Italian) who is married to an Arab. “My husband NEVER gets searched, I get pulled out every time.” And she WAS pulled out, when we were standing in line at DTW. She also gets felt up (beyond the standard patdown) routinely by the female agents, and frequently has been (inappropriately and illegally) asked for her personal contact info by male and female agents alike. Because too many of them are unprofessional and undisciplined assholes.

      Beyond the incompetence and abuses AndyN cited, TSA hires people who are on their OWN no-fly lists. And in a “you can’t make this up” incident, TSA hired a priest who was canned from the Church for repeatedly molesting a pre-teen girl.
      There was also the incident of a Korean graduate student (female) taken into a back room and raped by TSA, but I can’t find the link now.

  4. (((Doc B))) says:

    Reminds me of when I was nearly arrested in Reno for a “verbal confrentation” with a TSA agent.

    Totally worth it, no remorse, would do it again.

    • Bacon says:

      I no longer fly but I’m told that Vegas and Reno are among the worst places for this. I know someone who was threatened with arrest for politely asking for the tsa complaint form, after passing through security in Vegas.

      • (((Doc B))) says:

        You were told right. I had about 1000$ worth of rescue gear stolen out of my bag at the Vegas airport by an employee of the airport.

        The TSA folks at Reno are basically an affermitive action program for losers and idiots. Neckbeards of the silver state unite!

      • Unclezip says:

        You were told right. My daughter was just through Vegas, and was threatened with arrest for napping while waiting for her plane. Fuck the TSA and all other government jobs programs.

    • justbob says:

      Had a good looking female get up close and personal with me once in Tokyo one time, went back through her line three times.

    • somedude says:

      yeah, i opted out at Vegas, got a big old attitude and ear full of questions, where you going, what do you do there, what is on your farm, blah blah….fuck that dude. hole bunch of crazy shit going on 3 miles up the road and here he sits in AC fucking with me.

  5. Towser says:

    “OHHHH! YES! YES! OHHHH! Do that AGAIN officer…” How much of that do you think the arsholes would take?

  6. Bacon says:

    The shirt is likely the reason he was selected for a pat down.

  7. Boosh says:

    I always go through the pat down…I’m contemplating singing the George Michael Song:
    Do you really want to hurt me
    Do you really want to make me cry
    Precious kisses, words that burn me
    Lovers never ask you why

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