Hunt’s over, time to call off the dogs

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12 Responses to Hunt’s over, time to call off the dogs

  1. moronsreign says:

    Unfair; abuse of kitties. Poor little thing…..

  2. Flugelman says:

    Kinda risky turnin’ yer back on a kitty that close for a selfie.

  3. Jeffersonian says:

    Agree with Flugelman. Those things are fast. My brother lives in a place that has many. He told me he ventured out for smoke one evening and spotted one in his yard. I said I hope you don’t let your boy go out to play at night.
    Only if he’s been bad, he replied.

  4. Twostrokejunkie says:

    Thats my dog getting herself killed right there. She went toe to toe with a 400lb black bear. No sense of what can kill her. Fucked with a fisher cat not once but twice. Mean bastards. Shes bleedin like a stuck pig, with a tennis ball in her mouth.

  5. James says:

    I came upon that I and dog would be leaving area,the cat hunting to survive and even if I hunting to survive dog and I may not survive that situation,odds good we would we just meander along!I utilize all of a hunting kill including skin ect. but at moment can survive without hunting,cat,not so much,hmmmm….,suppose I could feed the kitty,what could possibly go wrong?!

  6. Sanders says:

    I’ve seen working dogs hunting cats and bears. It’s a thing of beauty to watch them operate.

    Came across a bear hunter in the mountains last year, as I was driving up to cut wood. Every dog had a radio collar on and was freeze branded.

    He was in a side x side that was modified with an extra platform on the back to carry the whole pack. Since the bear he was trailing had gone onto private land he didn’t have permission to hunt on, he was gathering the dogs (all hounds) and when he told them to load up, they all jumped onto the side x side and sat in their places. Some of the best trained dogs I’ve ever seen.

  7. Hillbilly says:

    Dogs, what can you say about them. They love to hunt, it’s a natural thing. I personally don’t hunt with dogs not cause I have anything against it, just don’t think I have the experience needed to work them and care for them. Most the guy’s I’ve known that do are damn near vet’s and can do amazing stitch work in the field.

  8. R says:

    On Saturday a cougar fatally mauled on guyand seriously fucked up his buddy in the mountains about fourty minutes East of Seattle. I guess they were biking on logging roads.

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