Illinois’ very own RINO

On Monday, Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner (R) proposed gun confiscation orders and a 72-hour wait period on firearm purchases.
His proposals were made via proposals to legislation currently pending in the Illinois legislature.
-John Deaux

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2 Responses to Illinois’ very own RINO

  1. B says:

    Rauner is what passes for a conservative in Illinois.

  2. Brad_in_IL says:

    Rauner might be a piece-of-shit worthless flea-bitten RINO but his opponent for the November election, JB Pritzker, is far, far worse. Pritzker’s never held office, but he’s also the bent-over puppet-bitch of Mike Madigan, the current speaker of the IL house. Mike Madigan never met a tax or social program he didn’t love, nor did he ever meet a gun-control bill he didn’t love. He’s also a graft-taking corrupt fuck, but that’s a discussion for a different time.

    I think what Rauner’s doing in this latest round is attempting to appease those on the left in IL who are on the fence re: November, but in the process, he could very likely alienate what little remains of his base.

    Everyone should look up the IL Gun Dealer Licensing Act. That’s the next piece of crap coming from Springfield. Here are some details:

    This latest boondoggle is a retreat of IL SB1657 which Rauner vetoed and which also died after a failed attempt at a veto override.

    Kenny, you did the right thing running from CA. When life permits, I’m almost certainly heading out of IL-annoy. The state is damaged beyond repair.

    – Brad

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