Life in da hood

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23 Responses to Life in da hood

  1. nwoldude says:

    Here is my old hood in NW Detroilet. Never was fancy, but it was better then. :-(

  2. Al says:

    Graduated from elementary school oh boy he some smart up an comin chimps! Dear god is this the fate of the human race? Stop the world now I want the fuck of now!

  3. p kerit says:

    I’m not going to watch that crap. I cant understand what they are saying.

  4. No!@ luis says:

    Clicked off after 10 seconds, ghetto talk and stupid hats, got enough of that here in Miami.

  5. bogsidebunny says:

    Just one city out of hundreds. Thanks to the Democrat plantation owners!

    • Chris Mallory says:

      Don’t forget the Yankees who owned the boats that brought them here. They mostly turned into Republicans once that progressive, socialist party got started.

      • Ogrrre says:

        Chris, do some research. Most, if not all, of the ships were English, not Colonial or Yankee owned.

  6. czechsix says:

    So a Russian guy is doing videos on LA Crip neighborhoods. Betcha DARPA never predicted that one.

  7. Blu Vaner says:

    Nothing like a little weekend get together to unwind after a long week on the job.

  8. Paulie says:

    Not gonna watch that shit; I didn’t even make 10 seconds. And I want that time back.

    • Winston Smith says:

      Same here.

    • Odgreen says:

      Perhaps an AC130W, 30mm Mk44 Bushmaster II cannon, some AGM 176 Griffins and some GBU 39’s would clean up the “hood”.

  9. nwoldude says:

    Sweet sixty deuce Impala at 7:45

  10. Gordon says:

    When is that fault line going to crack so California can slide off into the Pacific and take LA with it?

  11. drjim says:

    Saw enough of that shit to last me a lifetime when I lived in SoCal.

  12. Matthew Wall says:

    I live in Cairns, Australia (Google it). That shit is unfortunately everywhere.

  13. Irish says:

    I think we should take off and nuke the site from orbit. Just to be sure.

  14. DW says:

    Watched about 30 seconds. Couldn’t understand a damn thing. Tried the CC but it doesn’t translate ebonics or dumbass.

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