Live fast, die young

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  1. doug says:

    cukoo for cocoa puffs

  2. CaptainWet says:

    I can understand the thrill of rock climbing having done it in my youth. I did it safely. That’s insane in any book

  3. rt895 says:

    Free climbers is crazy…

  4. Gryphon says:

    No Rope to the Top of the Cliff… Darwin Award in 3, 2, 1…

  5. California southpaw says:

    That person’s batshit…
    I’m leaving.

  6. Veeshir says:

    Leave a pulverized corpse.

  7. Will says:

    Pretty sure that’s Es Pontas in Mallorca – it’s a favorite free soloing site which is over deep water.

    Photo here:

  8. whynot says:

    cramp, cramp…….aaaghhhh

  9. Marty says:

    Hey Knuckledraggers I really love you guys but this person is a sport climber which I used to do a lot of. There are bolted (they are like concrete wedge anchors or actually epoxied into the cliff) anchors that you clip carabiners and your rope to as you ascend. She is not “free soloing” (see Alex Honnolds “free solo” of El Capitan (Akin to breaking the 4 min mile in rock climbing or twice that) and will not even be near death if she falls. Well, unless she didn’t buckle her harness, or tie her not to the rope correctly etc. Sport climbing is more of a physical endeavor rather than a daredevil type of activity. You can fall off the wall all you want, well unless you didn’t tie your knot correctly or buckle your harness. About as dangerous as driving to the cliff in my opinion. If you zoom in on the photo you can see the rope (I have MacBook if that’s a difference).

  10. Marty says:

    Also I believe this is in China at the “Moon Cave” but I may be incorrect on that one. :)

  11. Tennessee Budd says:

    Wherever it is, it’s just the other side of Aynofuckinway.

  12. Pete says:

    Looking at the background scenery, I doubt that’s over water. But zooming in, I did see the rope: left of the climber, on about a 45* angle from low left to high right…

  13. chickenchit@luis says:

    Be funny all of a sudden….need to pee,..can I hold with one hand and shake with the other???
    or did I lock the door when I left home?
    or Fuk, left the iron on…..
    or forgot to walk the dog, now he’ll shit the house!!!!

    • Chet says:

      I’ve read that climbers just pull their pants down and lean away from the rock and let it fly. I wouldn’t know. I do not ‘do” heights.

      And question for Marty. You say it’s not dangerous because there are rings and anchors glued to the rocks. Who glued them on? God? Or maybe some rock Angel? Whomever it was that first climbed the rock was putting him/herself in a world of shit.

      • Russ Nixon says:

        Nah, they set the next anchor while on belay to the previously set anchor. Step by step and the route is made.

  14. “Chad Copeland flew a FreeFly Cinestar Octocopter to shoot Emily Harrington climbing Moon Hill in Yangshuo, China. The camera was a Nikon Coolpix A; exposure 1/800 sec at f/5.6, ISO 400.”

  15. And for the hi-res image version so you can see the gear that make this not-suicidal:

  16. Sanders says:

    She’s just hanging out..

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