Looks like one of them Chihuahua/Wolf hybrids to me

Was it a wolf, some type of hybrid, or a creature that hasn’t been seen in Montana since the Ice Age?

On May 16 a lone wolf-like animal was shot and killed on a ranch outside Denton. With long grayish fur, a large head and an extended snout, the animal shared many of the same characteristics as a wolf; but its ears were too large, it’s legs and body too short, its fur uncharacteristic of that common to a wolf.

So what was it? At this point, no one is 100 percent sure.

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12 Responses to Looks like one of them Chihuahua/Wolf hybrids to me

  1. nwoldude says:

    I am 100% sure that I am glad it is not around my spread.

  2. Gryphon says:

    My guess is DNA Testing will show Wolf/Dog Hybrid… Here in the Virginia Piedmont we shoot Coyotes that have noticeable Dog-Like Features fairly often, and though they are less common, see small Packs of Feral Dogs – Everyone considers them far more Dangerous than Coyotes, because they are less Afraid to approach People and Domestic Animals.

  3. hbbill says:


    • Mark Simko says:

      That picture looks more like a Belgian Tervuren

    • Sabre22 says:

      Looks like a scruffy terv to me to. I trapped wolves for study in the late 1990’s ( I have a bachelors in wildlife biology) I caught 2 wolves one weighed 78 lbs and the other about a 104 lbs. this is either a wolf shedding its winter coat late Or a wolf dog Hybrid

  4. Sanders says:

    It dang sure isn’t a bob-tailed coyote…

  5. Mark Simko says:

    Oh hell, a wolf a got a hold of Obama’s Portuguese waterdog

  6. Mad Jack says:

    Probably a wolf-dog cross. We also get coyote-dog crosses, but they’re rare. What we are getting around the Ohio / Michigan border is Moonbat Migration! Okay, wait.

    We’re seeing Wolf-Coyote hybrids. Instead of a 40 pound coyote on the no season list, we’re seeing an 80 pound coyote that might be a wolf. Wolves are on the endangered species list. The problem is that not everyone understands the concept of shoot, shovel, shut up.

  7. Rowland says:

    Wolf dog hybrid. Easy.

  8. grayjohn says:


Play nice.