Meanwhile, in England…..

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9 Responses to Meanwhile, in England…..

  1. Nemo says:

    Is this a WTF article?

  2. SAM says:

    Many have said that I only talk BS and Gobbledygook, so English would be my third language.

  3. Jack Russell says:

    Daily Mail article – a bit like Fox News.

  4. dav says:

    Tell them you’ve shot a Muslim intruder. They will come to save him.

    • SAM says:

      No they come and shot you.

    • truthzzzz says:

      But how would anyone but a Muslim have a gun in the UK?

      And why would a peaceful Muslim break in. Muslims do not attack rob or kill innocents.
      OH! You are not Muslim. That explains it. Only Muslims can be innocent according to Sharia.

  5. Bob M says:


    Tell them we may not pay them if they don’t.

  6. i still have a dab of hope for my mother’s native land. they have nigel farage to their credit.
    but this is putting another nail in the coffin.

  7. WeeBrowser says:

    Tell the emergency operator that you see a ginger head holding a Muslim family with a potato peeler. They’ll use Star Trek transporters to get there.

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