“Never mind the smell, we’re just cooking one of your goats”

Homeowners in Ireland have been asked to pledge spare rooms or vacant properties to house migrants for periods of up to a year as part of the government’s Irish Refugee Protection Programme.
In a new national campaign urging people to “put empty space to better use”, the Irish Red Cross said: “Pledging a vacant property or spare room will play a significant and valuable role in helping Syrian refugees rebuild their lives and settle in Irish communities.”

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34 Responses to “Never mind the smell, we’re just cooking one of your goats”

  1. CaptainWet says:

    Yea, lets see how well that works out

  2. Hybo says:

    Yes, because die-versity has really benefited Europe and America so far. The Irish would be absolute fools to invite them in.

  3. crazyeighter says:

    Yeah, you just keep kissing that moslem ass; the rest of us intend to use you for a horrible example.

  4. Dan Patterson says:

    Diversity is our plague

  5. Anonymous White Male says:

    “Pledging a vacant property or spare room will play a significant and valuable role in helping Syrian refugees rebuild their lives and settle in Irish communities.”

    But, what if I don’t want Syrians settling in my community?

  6. Skipperdaddy says:

    I got some spare room. Under my garden.

  7. Greg B says:

    “Asking” for now.
    Soon, it will be “required”.
    Europe is in its death throes.

    • Alex Lund says:

      Exactly what I think how it will end.

      I fear the day that Mama Merkel does this.

      Just for Information:
      Shortly after Merkel opened the borders some Neonazis had the same idea (as the Irish now).
      As far as I remember it was like this:
      Some homeowners found a piece of paper in their mail, with the official logo of the town on it.
      On the paper it was written that according to the new Refugee Support Law all Germans had to take in refugees in accordance with the space of their flats.
      Germans were accorded 20 squaremeters per grown-up and 15 per underage, but refugees were given 30 squaremeters per person (no distinction between minor or grown-up).
      The refugees were to be given keys etc and it was the duty of the Germans to make them feel welcome and of course to keep the flat clean. And the refugees did not need to do something. Not even to cook because racism etc.

      And I am ashamed to report that there was only a small squeak of uproar. No burning, no thrown in Windows, only meek questions to the Mayor when the refugees are to be received.

  8. BuildA RealBigWall!@luis says:

    “refugees rebuild their lives and settle in ” yeah right, just like the illegal beaners here, why not have them rebuild their lives at their own country!?!!

  9. Steve says:

    And our betters will demand the same thing here once they get the chance, a good friend of mine has relatives in the Sawbian area of Germany and the govt – without any notice whatsoever – began confiscating vacation properties and giving them to the rapefugees.
    When it was discovered what was being done, many people became enraged and protested, to which they were threatened by the govt, “If you don’t like it, your primary residence will be forfeit and you’ll be thrown out into the street.” Her relatives plea to her, “Do not allow your guns to be taken away, once they do that, they’ll do the same thing to you!, if only we could resist!”
    Point taken, prepare accordingly.

  10. John Deaux says:

    The European empire is a perfect example of what NOT to do for the US, voluntary suicide for political correctness. SMH at the stupidity

  11. SAM says:

    What’s the odds that the people “asking” for this doing it them self.

  12. Padawan says:

    Apparently Ireland didn’t see what “good” these “refugees” did to Sweden.

  13. Exile1981 says:

    I see the irish have decided to meakly go into the night as slaves.

  14. Sanders says:

    Might as well ask them to cut their own throats in order to make room for the goathumpers.

  15. bogsidebunny says:

    I lived in that socialist “feel-good” green cesspool for a few years. I saw it coming and got the fuck out.

    What a bunch of Celtic assholes!

    Wait till the Mooslimes demand their “hosts” refrain from alcohol and give up pork pie.

  16. rick says:

    Screw the Red Cross. Communist assholes. That goes for here in the USA too.

  17. Stretch says:

    Quite laughing at Europe. Look what’s going on in Minneapolis, MN, Bangor, Maine, most of Dearborn and surrounding Michigan, the DPR of California …

    • bogsidebunny says:

      It’s spelt: “Quit” Stretch. I do have to agree however the USA is right behind the EU in the take-it-up-the-asshole queue when it comes to the Mooslime takeover.

      • Ace Rimmer says:

        It’s spelled “spelled”. Spelt is an ancient grain. Grammar Nazi.
        I too agree with Stretch.

        • Ace Rimmer says:

          It’s spelled “spelled” bogsidebunny. Spelt is an ancient grain, grammar nazi. Glass houses and all that…
          Not to be a dick. Just hate grammar nazis.

          • Ace Rimmer says:

            Fuck….”I just hate…”
            See where this leads?
            (Ace climbs down off his self appointed righteous stump)

        • Ace Rimmer says:

          I, too, agree with Stretch.

  18. FriscoKid says:

    Fuckin nope.

  19. SgtBob says:

    How much help did the f’n muslims give Ireland during the potato famine? Be like Hungary — put up big, sharp border fences; patrol the fences; toss out people who get through. The Irish government intends to make over the population numbers because for some unknown reason, it makes them feel better. Feelings? I’ve got your f’n feelings.

  20. paul says:

    Really? Take in a “refugee” and let it live in my house? Rent free? And I get to clean and cook for it? I have two words for that:
    Fuck You.
    I’ve worked for and paid for all my stuff.

  21. many syrians are Christians but i don’t think they are being allowed to immigrate to anywhere safe.

    • Padawan says:

      Almost all Syrians who are claiming “refugee” status are Muslim men of fighting age who are leaving their “oppressed” women and children behind.

  22. Djamer says:

    It took something like 400 years for a reaction the last time the Moslems tried this shit. . . How many this time?

  23. snuffy says:

    A better headline would be, “Never mind the screaming, we’re just raping your daughter, wife, son, or goat, Whatever is handy at the time.”

  24. Mike_C says:

    I love me the irony of the fecking Red CROSS doing this. Didn’t you dumb assholes get a clue when they refused to let you operate in their lands because of the word “cross” in your name? That’s why we have the idiot atrocity of the “Red Cross and Red Crescent”.

    Is ceann de’s na h-óinseacha diabhail thú

    I swear, if it ever goes kinetic on a widespread scale, the idiot “do-gooder” traitors need to go first.

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