Oh shit, this looks bad

MOUNT OLIVE — A school bus carrying middle school students from Paramus was ripped from its chassis in an accident with a dump truck on Route 80 west, sending fifth graders to area hospitals with unknown injuries.

Multiple sources said at least one student died as a result of the crash.


A fucking dump truck – there was some weight behind that collision.

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15 Responses to Oh shit, this looks bad

  1. Winston Smith says:

    Maybe this is the death scene that mandates seat belts in school busses.
    Whether they would have helped or hindered in this particular crash, it amazes me TN doesn’t require them in school busses.

  2. Padawan says:

    In talking to one of my housemates who is a school bus driver he said buses are supposed to be built to come off the chasis like that. It’s supposed to compartmentalize the impact and (hopefully) reduce the number of injuries to the people aboard. He also says the reason why most school buses don’t have/require seat belts is because if the bus catches fire or ends up in water the driver won’t be able to unbuckle all of the lil ones in time and you end up with more fatalities.

    I read on one of the NJ news sites on my Facebook that it was an adult fatality, not a student. Has anybody heard anything to the contrary?

    • Winston Smith says:

      I’m old enough to remember that we tried that ‘in event of fire or water landing’ argument with the feds re seat belts in passenger vehicles. See how well that worked.

      It is not about safety in any way shape or form. Its about who’s lobbyists have who’s ear/pocketbook. At least that’s how it swings in TN; of course cant say for sure elsewhere, but I know where I’m putting my betting money.

  3. Steve the engineer says:

    I live not far from there and I know that stretch of road is dangerous

  4. Al says:

    I know of no state that requires seat belt in buses but oh how they will fine the fuck out of you for not wearing one!

  5. De Oppresso Liber says:

    My old school district required and installed them after a accident
    and quickly found out that unless you add a Bus Monitor on every
    bus, the kids don’t use them. The Drivers can’t enforce it.

    • Gordon says:

      The problem in a nutshell. The little brats won’t stay seated anyway, you would have to padlock the seatbelts.

  6. paulb says:

    Yes. I am sure the nannies will correct this oversight. Most likely the teacher was standing in the stairwell. Usually one or two students roaming the aisle at any given moment. Driver has to wear seat belt though.

    Still sad that this had to happen. Gravel trucks are very unforgiving. was at a cement plant the other day as one of the cement trucks was weight. it was north of 69,000 pounds gross weight. That is a chuck off mass moving at highway speeds. Gravel trucks run in the same weight class.

  7. Djamer says:

    Fuck seat belts right now! This is truck drivers driving tired and on cell phones! No commercial vehicle driver should be allowed to have a cell phone that is turned on. Period! I see this multiple times daily driving I94/I696. There are so many wandering, meandering, slowing, speeding trucks/vans/transports it’s almost mind boggling how there are not multiple vehicle pile-ups on a daily basis. And yes, many are not born in this country.

  8. JeremyR says:

    My understanding is that the bus driver missed his exit and was attempting to swing a u-turn through the median and was hit by the truck coming from behind, putting the impact in the driver’s side rear.

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