One employer of illegals puts 160 children in Tennessee school district

The Tennesee meatpacker which allegedly hired almost 100 illegals also ensured that 160 additional children could be enrolled in local schools, according to a count conducted by a pro-migration group.
The huge number of foreign children who were brought into Hamblen County lifts a curtain on hidden costs which rogue employers and illegals impose on American communities.
-John Deaux

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9 Responses to One employer of illegals puts 160 children in Tennessee school district

  1. Daniel K Day says:

    I hope this story goes national. People, by which I mean American people, are not nearly pissed off enough about the cost of illegals that gets passed on to them through taxes.

  2. Aesop says:

    Nice company.
    Sure would be a shame if it somehow caught on fire, and burned to the ground one night.
    And then the same thing happened to the homes of senior management.

  3. Rob says:

    The undocumented workers paid taxes just like all the legal workers. Property taxes (thru rent), sales tax, social security & any other tax that’s going on there.

    I don’t mind honest figures good or bad but this is just more propaganda.

    • Wirecutter says:

      You’re assuming that these kids aren’t getting free lunches or their parents aren’t getting any kind of financial assistance at all for them.

    • Aesop says:

      You’re also assuming (without any evidence) that they’re being paid via payroll, and not cash under the table.

      You’re also ignoring that if, as is frequently the case, they’re on the payroll, they’re probably using stolen social security numbers, thereby committing identity theft, not to mention massively EFFING up the withholding and tax returns of the actual owners of the numbers, leaving completely innocent people to fight with the IRS and state tax officials, and in almost every case, leaving innocent third parties on the hook for the taxes due on that income. No points for guessing who the IRS goes after in those cases, based purely on the anecdotal evidence of 20,000 victims.

      While driving without insurance, collecting food stamps and welfare, and getting an education they’re not paying for, because they’re living 20 to a garage, rather than renting a normal place like legal residents.

      And when your relative can’t get seen for 4 hours at the local ER, because there’s twenty of them getting medical care they’ll never pay for, give a holler.

      Screw them. They should be deported same day, kicked out at 10,000′ over the coast of their country of record, and told to swim back to shore on their own. Unless they plead guilty to all crimes, and first do a year in the federal pen on a chain gang, shoveling snow in the Dakotas in the winter, and spreading road tar in Texas or Arizona highways in the summer.

      And then get deported, for life, with no possibility of ever legally emigrating here again.

  4. Brian P says:

    Just to try and put a finer point on everything mentioned by others on this post. If they’re Ilegal then they, by definition, have no valid SSN. And then they have a bunch of children, who cannot have their own SSN’s generated. Which means an eveb greater likelihood that they will steal SSN’s for their kids. And every single Illegal who takes up resources is directly stealing that resource away from every lawful resident. That means less educational resources for your children. It also means weeks and months of legal trouble with the IRS because, like others have pointed out, the GOV goes after the law abiding taxpayer when their ID is abused. While it’s a known fact that many Illegals file tax returns claiming dozens of children under dozens of SSN’s but single addresses. They drain the systems exponentially more than they allegedly contribute.

  5. emdfl says:

    Interesting styory out of Minnesota about Somalis boarding flights back home with carry-on bags full of money – as in $1,000,000 and up. All legal as long as declared. Except that it’s scammed money from the child-welfare system there. Local Fox station did a deep expose about it. The number bandied about was estimated to be in excess of $!00,000,000 per year.

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