Poachers kill hundreds of animals in Pacific Northwest

It started when state officials wanted answers about the headless deer turning up in the Oregon wilderness east of Mount Hood.

“Nearly every year, it seems we have deer showing up minus their heads at the end of seasons,” Craig Gunderson, a senior trooper with the Oregon State Patrol, recently explained to the Seattle Times. Authorities believed the mutilated animals might be the work of poachers, so in November 2016 they fixed motion-triggered cameras in the national forest near The Dalles, Oregon, smack on the Washington state line.

The footage troopers caught would prove to be the first clue to uncovering what officials now say was a loosely-linked poaching ring responsible for the illegal brutal slaughter of hundreds of animals in Washington and Oregon. The sheer size of the animal body count involved has shocked wildlife officials, in part because of the wantonness driving the rampant killing.

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9 Responses to Poachers kill hundreds of animals in Pacific Northwest

  1. anonymous says:

    What was the point of all this ? It sounds like they were not selling the skulls with horns and left the meat to rot. Just killing for the sake of killing – psychopaths.

    And complete idiots using phones to record their activities. I hope the judge throws the book (and the book case) at them. Just scum.

  2. MMinLamesa says:

    That is fucking disgusting. Fuckers like this are going to be a real problem when TSHTF. There’s gonna be a big time need for a lot of guys like Wes

  3. Sanders says:

    Survival poaching is one thing. Poaching meat to feed your family during hard times can be overlooked, and even understood.

    Slaughter poaching is entirely evil.

    In my state, 1 in 7 deer are poached. I think it is higher. During my mule deer hunt last season, there were 35 tags issued for the unit I was hunting in. The unit is fairly large, but I bet I saw twice that many people hunting in just the area I had scouted all year. I saw over 30 does, and no bucks during that time. I couldn’t turn around without seeing some asshole watching me stalk up and down those canyons, hoping I would jump one for him. Yeah, one I was stalking since dawn got nailed by a road hunter before I could get him in my crosshairs, so I’m a little bitter.

    If it weren’t for the Game and Fish in this state, all the big game would be wiped out in a month.

    • Andrew says:

      You get it. Big difference between “My family is starving and we gotta eat” vs being a total dick.

      I remember one year in Alaska, over 500 caribou were found slaughtered and not harvested. Turns out, a couple youths from the local native village decided to have ‘fun’.

      I think they’re serving live sentences on that one.

  4. Winston Smith says:

    “…killing animals to kill animals,”
    If they want some real thrills, try that in the inner city where the game shoot back. albeit not very well, I admit.
    FN trash.

  5. Cederq says:

    Umm, did they sink the cameras in about 60 feet of water? The Columbia River bisects Oregon and Washington near The Dalles… there is no national forest that both states share there.

  6. czechsix says:

    Meh, fucking shitbags. Shitbags all over the damned place. Confiscate everything they own, give them years in the gray bar. I’m fucking tired of dealing with assholes that fuck everything up for everyone else, but damned if the shits don’t seem to out breed and out last decent folk.

    Well, decades ago there was that classic study with overpopulated rat colonies, and the destructive behavior that ensued. I’m seeing more and more of that.

    Regarding that TSHTF comment, yep, plenty of these shits around, and many other sorts. Be prepared to protect yourself and your family and tribe. Never give up assets that can protect you.

  7. pigpen51 says:

    I am glad that some of you understand that for a few of the people out there, at times, it truly is a matter of feeding their families. I have to admit that there were times in the distant past, in my youth, that I might have taken game that, while it was in season, might have been the wrong sex, or in the case of a salmon in a river, might have been foul hooked, on purpose, and not returned to the river, as is the rule, but kept to feed my family.

    I don’t look down on anyone that does what they have to do to feed their family, rather than take a handout. Apart from wholesale poaching, and then selling the animal for money, instead of simply taking what you need to feed your family, I would have a hard time finding fault with anyone doing that. Killing an animal and simply taking the head, I don’t get it, but it just angers me, since they could have given the meat to someone who could use it.

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