PsychoChicks – We’ve all had ’em and your Morning Florida News all in one shot

Former U.S. Open champion golfer Lucas Glover missed the secondary cuts at last weekend’s Players Championship near St. Augustine — and his wife greeted him home with a shower of insults and, allegedly, a beat-down.

Krista Glover, 36, was arrested by St. Johns County Sheriff’s deputies at Sawgrass TPC in Ponte Vedra Beach and charged with domestic battery and resisting arrest.

Lucas told deputies Krista gets violent every time he doesn’t play well in a major PGA tournament, according to the incident report.

And since he had a bad day live on national television alongside the likes of Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson and Justin Rose, she allegedly went off on him when he got home. The fight degenerated into something physical, all of it in front of their two underage children and Lucas’ momma.
MORE Be sure to check out her booking photo – she looks psycho.

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13 Responses to PsychoChicks – We’ve all had ’em and your Morning Florida News all in one shot

  1. Critter says:

    I know most folks don’t look their best in a booking photo, but geez.

  2. Brian P says:

    How about you man the hell up there Lucas?

  3. MT says:

    Lucas and his mother are enablers.
    The kids will be scarred for life by their mother’s alcoholism.
    Krista, get some help. PLEASE.

  4. Will says:

    I have somewhat limited sympathy for these rich athletes who always seem to pick the hot blonde instead of someone normal. Chick is probably bipolar from the descriptions but also certainly entitled. Lawyer up and move on, Lucas.

  5. Skipperdaddy says:

    You never really know a woman until you divorce her.

  6. WeeBrowser says:

    Has she ever blinked?

  7. CC says:

    She reminds me of Phil Hartman’s wife – Lucas better run for his life.

  8. John Deaux says:

    Psycho is as psycho does.

  9. ss says:

    Here’s her painting. Run…run like the wind.

  10. Djamer says:

    She has a new business called Centerpieces. I bet she is the centerpiece in her cell right now. . .

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