Publix caves to that little prick David Hogg

As one of the most admired companies in Florida, Publix supermarkets had a unique opportunity to set a courageous example instead of capitulating to the David Hogg social media mob. It was a test that will have far-reaching implications and it is a test that Publix failed and did so miserably.

In a press release, the suits caved rather than have Hogg’s angry army staging die-ins in their stores and parking lots and has now assumed the supine position that so many other gutless corporations have since the Parkland, FL high school shooting that the organized left have transformed into a political bludgeon.

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24 Responses to Publix caves to that little prick David Hogg

  1. Andrew says:


    This will hurt far more left-wing causes than right-wing. Publix has always been very philanthropic.

    But… I will write Corporate. And leave letters at all the Publixs around me. Shit like this has to stop.

    Dammit. Not Publix. Fuckers…

  2. Jack Crabb says:

    Its time for Twink High to have his own die in. For realz.

    Fuck that little consumer.

  3. Unclezip says:

    Not Hogg, but Hogg’s handlers.

  4. RP says:

    Stefan Molyneux

    Tommy Robinson jailed for filming. Thats it.

    No warrant. No violence. Just filming.

    To the Gulag!

    Here we go. Real Time.

  5. bogsidebunny says:

    Publix is a commie style organization. My one and only brief visit to one had me hearing from their drone millennial “share-earning” employees how much they loved their struggle in the cause to make Publix succeed. Socialism under the guise of “we care marketing”.

  6. strnj1 says:

    Hell, Publix will tank in their first years, now, taking over what was originally Ukrop’s store’s in Richmond, VA. that were closed on Sunday and didn’t even sell alcohol…

  7. Skipperdaddy says:

    Publix has quality groceries and the customer service there has always been top notch. I am glad I found a clone of them in the Food City chain in Tennessee. I guess they didnt take notes from the Laura Ingrahm deal or the goatfuck following Starbucks descent into the fantasy world of the Soros backed drones. Feel sorry for thier employees that have to field the shitstorm brewing.

  8. sk6actual says:

    As I have stated previously, we have yet to see the last of the little modern day Goebbels. As long as he has successes such as this, he is preordained to become a “swamp critter” on the Potomac.

  9. Allen says:

    Publix has been opening stores in my home town. I guess I’ll stick with Harris Teeter.

  10. Chish says:

    Too bad for Publix that they let some emasculated soy boy pull this over on them. Hogg is going to be a prop for the liberals during the mid-terms and especially as a keynote speaker during the DNC’s convention. Mark my words.

  11. Sue B says:

    Communism starts here. When one little dictator dictates who you can and cannot support and people or food store chains allow it. Sad day for American freedoms.

  12. Mad Jack says:

    I’d like to see someone bitch-slap that little Hogg from one side of a Publix parking lot to the other. He’s long overdue for a lesson in graceful human behavior.

    • C.R. says:

      I’d bet that just like all the other high profile gun grabbing pricks he has an armed group of security goons that we get to pay for

  13. chewydog says:

    I’m not in Florida, but I would assume most states have laws against going into a store and laying on the floor. Except Starbucks of course, but I mean normal places. Police should have been called and these little fucks arrested.

  14. SgtBob says:

    I did the modern thing and sent an email to Publix concerning their surrender to 1st and 2nd Amendment opponents. Reply from Publix said they are receiving an unusual amount of email at this time, but a customer concern person will contact me soon. I’ll keep sending. I don’t mind writing. Maybe a mention of Publix being the bitch of Goebbels’ great-great-grandson.

  15. Dav says:

    Most corporations will pay to avoid bad publicity. We just have to make it more expensive for them when they cave to the left.

  16. John Deaux says:

    Publix shut down all political contributions including planned parenthood, and many otjers over this so Hoggy fucked his leftist friends too

  17. DW says:

    Here are some reasons to stop shopping at Publix. I admit I was not aware of their contributions.

    Funny how the left does not do their research and see who is donating to their cause. But then again liberals/communists are pretty much fucking ignorant. They just ride the current wave.

  18. Brian P says:

    Watching that video “statement” that Hoggface put online made me physically nauseous. And it’s another perfect example of just how immature, ignorant and disrespectful, even to his own supporters.

  19. Send It says:

    Follow the money, think EBT…

  20. Mutt Dog says:

    Would a been excitin if people showed up with body bags an stretchers to haul there ‘DEAD’ bewttocks out.. Those bags are air tight i think. How loyal are they to their cause.

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